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Unidentified Sound Object introduce Transmission Apparatus SFX Library for Kontakt      25/11/14

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Unidentified Sound Object tells us that Transmission Apparatus is a recombinant sound library available as a .wav files collection and for the first time also as a Kontakt .nki file. They say that it's a construction kit designed to create a broad range of communication sounds, from real to "alien" broadcasting signals. Here's the details in their own words...

The library contains more than 2 GB of data, delivered in 373 files of unique sound material. It's catalogued in five elements: AM (amplitude modulation), FM (frequency modulation), SSB (single side band – aka ham radio), KYMA (synthesised noises) and VOCAL (unintelligible speeches). The first three bands were recorded from the output of different radio receivers at 96 kHz via a Crane Song HEDD (Harmonically Enhanced Digital Device) to add warmth and tube/analog sonic color to the recordings. All the samples have been carefully selected from these recording sessions, with the addition of just a little dsp processing to widen the stereo field. Moreover, the Kyma folder contains unique audio files entirely synthesised in the SSC Kyma+Paca(rana) environment. And a group of sfx called Vocal is the result of "destroyed" dialogues and vocal sources via spectral processing.

Unidentified Sound Object is an independent sound effects libraries publisher. It offers high resolution sound effects and virtual instruments for film, games and music creations. It was launched by Matteo Milani in 2011. His purpose is to invent exclusive, original, designed raw elements, and to inspire the creativity of his fellow sound sculptors. The packages contain a wide variety of bizarre and unconventional sources: transfigured field recordings and everyday objects or materials generated through analog and/or digital synthesis. All of the audio files have been loudness-normalized, based on the recommendations of the European Broadcast Union, and embedded with metadata for detailed and accurate searches in your software asset management.

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96 kHz: $49
Kontakt 5 – Native Instruments: $69

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