Hip Hop Drums For Groove Agent

Steinberg releases Prime Cuts expansion pack by Beat Butcha      16/10/14

Hip Hop Drums For Groove Agent

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Steinberg has released the VST Sound Instrument Set, Prime Cuts. They say that the expansion pack for the previously released virtual drum software, Groove Agent 4, and Groove Agent SE 4 included in Cubase 7.5 comprises a premium hip hop sound library created by Beat Butcha, one of UK's finest beat producers.

Product marketing manager Matthias Quellmann, told us, "Prime Cuts is the perfect complement to the extraordinary sound library already available in Groove Agent 4. Adding hip-hop oriented samples and grooves to the Beat Agent offers a versatility that lets Groove Agent 4 play one music style in a million and one ways."

Steinberg says that, armed with exceptional drum sounds and patterns, Prime Cuts boasts more than 700 samples that range from hard-hitting snares to bottom-end kicks that will stay fresh even after numerous beat productions. Laid out in 30 drum kits, Prime Cuts provides sounds and patterns for the Beat Agent available in Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4.

Producer of the Prime Cuts expansion set, Beat Butcha, commented, "With the new library I try to basically cater to the many sub-genres within hip hop as possible. A lot of preset patterns are often quantized and they don't feel very human-like so I keep the swing up in there and try to do things that are a little bit different from the norm."

Key features:

  • Over 700 acoustic and synth drum samples
  • 30 conveniently laid-out drum kits
  • 240 exceptional drum patterns
  • Compatible with Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4

Pricing and Availability:

Prime Cuts for Groove Agent 4 is exclusively available as download through the Steinberg Online Shop for 39.99 euros, including German VAT.

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