Roland SYSTEM-1 SH-2 Plug Out Announced

Another model from the classic past - good price too      18/09/14

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I must say I didnt really expect this to happen quite so soon after the initial relase of the SH-101, a Plug-Out - for the Roland AIRA System-1 DSP synthesizer, but here it is.

And, its  the Roland SH-2, a two oscillator synth of the classic black face look. The original was first released in 1979 and was considered pretty superior to the SH-101 and SH-09 due to its dual oscillators which can be detuned. Its also quite a lot rarer, so you are less likely to have enjoyed its company.

As before with the SH-101 Plug-Out, not all controls are unitilzed, with the unused knobs and switches unlit on the SYSTEM-1 control surface when the Plug-Out is activated.

For those who perhaps don't know, the SYSTEM-1 is the new Virtual Analog synth from Roland's AIRA range, you can see our review of it here.

What makes this rather different, is it's ability to load a second synth model into the DSP, giving a choice of SYSTEM-1 or Plug-Out at any given time. The first of these models was the Roland SH-101, again, see our review here.

SH-2 Plug-Out is available for download 25th September, and also runs as a plug-in in VST and AU format. Indeed, the SH-2 can be purchased as a plug-in only, for an unconfirmed €110 or as the SYSTEM-1 Plug-Out and Plug-in for SYSTEM-1 owners €75 (around £59) - again unconfirmed.

I've had a quick preview with an advance copy and it does sound noticably different to the SYSTEM-1 and SH-101, I hope to post something more detailed in a day or two.

From the press release:

Everything has been reproduced exactly, from the VCF which is capable of self-oscillation to the attack and long decay characteristics of the steep envelope. The unique harmonic makeup and pitch wavering are present as are the complex interactions between parameters that result from the original analog circuit design. Even behaviors that occur only in analog circuitry are accurately reproduced, like the subtle effect on tonality when the user tweaks parameters unrelated to the actual tone being produced.

There are even some new features that were not available on the original. This new SH-2 has a VCO range that is expandable to 64', two envelopes, reverb, delay and crusher effects, Autobend with support for reverse actions, and a tempo-syncable arpeggiator.


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