Roland HS-5 Lets You Rehearse And Go - Or Stay

Five inputs, COSM modelling, recall for 5 people      01/09/14

Roland HS-5 Lets You Rehearse And Go - Or Stay

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More products from Roland today as part of their September gearfest - although we havent seen the usual bells and whistles on so far. This time its the HS-5 Session Mixer. Like a cross between a Millenium Falcon and a Handsonic, it caters for up to five inputs, or actually 10 really as they can be mono, stereo or Mic input.

Each input offers COSM modelling, so you can process the heck out of yourself on the way in AND record the mix to a USB stick or multitrack via USB to the computer. Additionally, you can store your setups onto USB drive to drop in and recall later - we're guessing that Roland hope that these will be part of rehearsal studio setups all over the place.

While not entirely original, I'm thinking Line 6 Stagescape and Jamhub may have influenced its design. There's still plenty to smile about - could be just the thing for the small setup - I wonder if its possible to drive a stereo mix from it as well as monitors...

We dont have an official word on price, though have it listed for £479 inc VAT, so we'd guess somewhere around the $500 mark.

Availability TBC

  • Performer-friendly digital mixer with high-quality sound and USB
  • Up to five musicians can rehearse or jam while monitoring with headphones
  • Independent control of the monitor mix for each performer
  • COSM amp modeling plus vocal effects and built-in reverb
  • Record stereo mixes to a USB thumb drive
  • Connect to a computer via USB for multitrack recording in a DAW



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