10 Ways Back From A Creative Black Hole

Let us help you get your juices flowing again      09/06/14

10 Ways Back From A Creative Black Hole

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Simon Power Writes:

Has your creativity taken a dive? You just can't focus anymore. Your self-confidence is shattered and you just can't seem to find a way out of this unproductive hell you find yourself in. Well, Sonic State is here to help. With 10 useful tips that'll put you back on track and help you conquer those Creativity Block Blues.

10) Discard All Your Signature Sounds

Yep, it's harsh. But we're here to offer some tough love to those who need it the most. And part of your journey back may be to let go of your connection with those cherished patches. Maybe your comfort zone has become way too...er...Comfortable?

That Rhodes patch may be your best friend. But is it doing you any favours, or is it time to move on?

Your fav snare sound. That over loved Moog Bass. Look for alternatives that inspire new ways to compose.

9) Listen to Mouldy Old Material with Fresh New Ears

Every composer has a batch of discarded songs. Riffs, melodies, drum patterns that sounded great on the day, but then somehow lost their lustre.

You may be surprised just how good some of those old songs sound when you listen back.

Alternatively, you may instantly spot the reasons why the track wasn't working. And your experience may now just give you enough chops to put it right. Presto, you have a new song based on an old idea. And you thought it was only old folks & Europeans who recycled stuff!

8) Don't Be a Trend Whore

Maybe Dubstep and its one hundred and ten off shoot genres just isn't your thing. Maybe it's time to break lose. Be true to yourself. Your own unique style. Maybe it's time to gallop full tilt in the opposite direction to 'what's happening'.

Just maybe, by doing that, you will run into 'what's happening' NEXT.

7) Download Demos of the Latest VSTs

Spend a day. A week. A month listening to new patches from all the latest VST synths. When a patch fires you up, write a song, see where it goes. Hell, buy the synth, you cheap-ass. Sound designers have taken years to program these patches. Who knows where a Pandora's Box of new sounds may take you?

6) Work with Other People

Technology has given us a world of riches to explore. And sometimes you may find yourself out there alone and without working buddies. But there's no need. There are plenty of new networking opportunities for musicians and producers. Join My Band, Numuba,  Thinktank. Buddying up can lead to lots of inspirational projects. You may just be the missing part in somebody else's jigsaw in all kinds of unexpected ways. The world is your Oyster Card. Get out there & make some new chums.

5) Swap Your Piano for a Vuvuzela

OK, that may be a bit extreme, but would you consider changing your default composition instrument to something new? If you write on piano, write on guitar instead. If you start with a melody, try starting with a drum loop. A break from the norm can let lose gallons of creative juices.


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