Ableton Racks For Mixing Dance Music

Sample Magic releases Ableton Magic Racks: Mix Essentials      12/05/14

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Sample Magic has released Ableton Magic Racks: Mix Essentials, which they describe as five powerful Ableton Racks designed for intuitive and precision sculpting of a track's key elements. They say that each rack has been expertly built to cater to the demands of modern dance music producers - rigorously tried, tested and tweaked to offer incisive mixing options with the simplest of controls for maximum dancefloor impact. Here's the details in their own words...

Built exclusively from Ableton's native tools and FX, each macro-controllable rack offers deep-level and highly-targeted enhancement of the key mix components in any dance track, from kick drum to hi-hats, synths to bass.

You won't find choice overload here; just eight macros per Rack with finely honed controls for the most important aspects of each sound.  From common workflow tools to complex signal chains containing saturation, precisely honed EQ, parallel compression and limiting, each one is controlled via a single macro knob to make powerful sound-shaping simple and intuitive.

But customisation is also key, and all Racks are fully-editable - open them up, tweak parameters, change routings, swap in and out tools - so they fit your workflow seamlessly.

Compiled by Live power-user and long-time SM sound designer Hedflux, Magic Racks: Mix Essentials is the ultimate pairing of workflow optimiser and creative mix tool, allowing you to make intuitive production tweaks to the pivotal components of a track both in the studio and as part of Live sets.

The Racks:

1. Kick Tweaker: Tighten, deepen and fine-tune any kick drum.  No transient is left un-tweaked in this comprehensive kick drum tool.

2. Snare Shaper: Precise tonal and envelope controls to whip snares, claps, sticks and stacks into shape.

3. Bass Toner: An essential of so many dance productions.  Use Bass Toner to add weight, warmth and width to any weedy bassline or to sculpt and sharpen overbearing subs.

4. Percussion Processor: Give life, movement and energy to percussion, hi-hats and tops

5. Synth Modulator: Creative tools to morph melodics with 8 simple macro controls.

Pricing and Availability:
£9.90 for the set of five.

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