Software Editor For Your Access Virus

Mystery Islands introduces Access Virus|HC AudioUnit & VSTi Editor Plugin      03/04/14

Software Editor For Your Access Virus

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Mystery Islands has announced their Access Virus|HC a software editor in AU and VST formats. Here's the story in their own words...

Several years ago, Access Music introduced their Virus TI synth range, which was boosted up with massive features such as audio stream directly into your DAW via USB and also the Virus Control plugin. Due to these great features, the most loved editor & librarian program "SoundDiver" was forgotten and many Virus users instantly upgraded to Virus TI and perhaps forgot their Virus A, Virus B or Virus C synth. Well, it is time to pick those synths up, connect the PSU, audio and MIDI cables!

We created the Virus|HC (HC = Hardware Controller) plugin to meet the standards required for DAW-working environments:
Edit your Access Virus hardware synth directly from your DAW without flipping thru different applications, organize patches within your plugin window to load, edit and save them directly to your HDD.

You can run our plugin in Mac AudioUnit & VSTi format and PC VSTi format (both 32 & 64bit).


- Our plug-in works like the actual Virus TI Control software, except that we will not transmit audio signals with-in our plug-in! This is a huge advantage to all Virus TI users, who struggle with "A Sync error occurred" messages!
- Connect your legacy Virus (A-B-C-range) synth with MIDI interface into your DAW.
- Connect your Virus TI & TI|2-range synth with MIDI or USB into your DAW.
- Manage single presets and / or multi presets within our editor / librarian.
- Load, edit and save your programs & save them to HDD in MIDI format.
- Load up-to 16 parts of legendary Virus sounds into a single plug-in.
- Manage all 16 parts individually in Multimode mixer window.
- Automate almost every parameter of the plug-in.
- Visual link between the knob movements on hardware <-> software. You can see all being updated in the plug-in UI as you go.
- When project containing our plugin is loaded into DAW, our plug-in sends the used data automatically to the synth. This means, that you can hit play, without any loading hassle with the hardware itself. This is purely automated!
Virus parameter differences are marked with colored knobs and marked menu items:
* Virus A controls marked as normal. (Lowpass, Bandpass*, Highpass** & Notch TI)
* Virus B controls marked with *. (Lowpass, Bandpass* & Highpass** & Notch TI)
* Virus C controls marked with **. (Lowpass, Bandpass*, Highpass** & Notch TI)
* Virus TI controls marked with TI. (Lowpass, Bandpass*, Highpass** & Notch TI)
(The list above is used only as an example to demonstrate how different features between each units are marked.)
Plug-in will be available in following formats:
* Mac OS X 32 & 64-bit AudioUnit / VSTi plug-in (10.6 and up.)
* Windows 32 & 64-bit VSTi plug-in (XP and up.)
(We hold the rights to the specifications of our product and we may change the specifications without further notice.)

Pricing and Availability:
39,95 Euro

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