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US Watch the diminutive synth in action with recording artists worldwide      07/11/13

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Arturia tells us that its recently released MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer is already making massive musical waves with renowned recording artists worldwide. Here's their press statement:

New York City has, historically, always been a melting pot of musical styles, so where better to start our artistic MicroBrute musical tour today than in the 'Big Apple' with Berkley-based Dan Ingala of indie rock/new wave/synth-pop duo Plushgun. Predictably, perhaps, the truly compact and bijou, big-sounding MicroBrute proved a surefire hit right out of the box with this knowing keyboard-playing vocalist, who soon sang its musical praises thus: "What was really kind of cool was how little you had to add to it to make it interesting in the recordings." See and hear an inspiring MicroBrute-inspired track that Dan Ingala came up with. (above)

Fellow New Yorker Keith Shocklee surely needs little in the way of an introduction. Influential hip-hop producer and DJ, original member of Public Enemy and The Bomb Squad, he has co-produced the former's seminal singles 'Bring The Noise' and 'Fight The Power' which were both included in Rolling Stone magazine's '500 Greatest Songs Of All Time' listing, as well as working with well-known artists such as Ice Cube and Janet Jackson, to name but a few. As an avid sound designer himself, he also knows a great-sounding synth when he hears it: "The craziest part about this is the word micro. It's very small. It's a true analogue synthesizer. That was what I was waiting for -- somebody to come up with a micro-analogue synth, so I didn't need a big case. Something I could just throw in a backpack. I move around a lot -- studio to studio, or I like to set up anywhere. As you see, I micro-sized my whole setup! It has a Mod Matrix, where you can patch from an LFO to a filter and get another kind of sound generated. It has a whole lot of features in a tiny, little package. There's no presets with this true analogue synth, so you build your sounds. If you're looking for something practical and small to port around in your knapsack, then Arturia's got the MicroBrute, and y'all need to check it out." Check out Keith Shocklee's 'micro-sized' studio setup with the MicroBrute acting as its hub here:

Next stop, the 'Land of the Rising Sun', and legendary Japanese composer, arranger, and computer programmer Hideki Matsutake, best known for his pioneering electronic music programming, primarily as the assistant to multiple Grammy Award-nominated electronic music trailblazer Isao Tomita and also as the 'fourth member' of proto-electro-poppers Yellow Magic Orchestra. Here Hideki Matsutaki cannot help but smile while working his modulation magic and more on a MicroBrute alongside its still compact and bijou bigger brother, the MiniBrute, watched over by the mighty Moog System 55 modular system with which he first made his name:

Going West, we return Stateside to 'Tinseltown', arriving at the well-stocked Hollywood studio of Anthony Gonzalez, founder/mentor of French electronic music group M83 -- famed for the RIAA (Recording Industry of America) certified Platinum Award-winning (million-selling) 'Midnight City' single in 2011, and co-composer of the original motion picture soundtrack to this summer's sci-fi action-adventure blockbuster Oblivion. Speaking of science, did you know that the band is named after spiral galaxy Messier 83, approximately 15-million light-years away from Earth? Well, we didn't. Closer to home, however, we do know that Anthony Gonzalez recently put his MicroBrute's inbuilt step sequencer through its flexible musical paces, controlling both a MiniBrute and an astronomical Synthesizers.com Studio-66 modular system, as caught on candid camera here:

Clearly, then, the MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer is rapidly going global at full tilt, having so speedily caught on with world-renowned recording artists like Dan Ingala, Keith Shocklee, Hideki Matsutake, and Anthony Gonzalez. All appreciate its rip-roaring analogue sound spanning woofer-flapping bass, screaming leads, ear-opening effects, wave-folded growls, punchy drum sounds galore, and much in- between and beyond, proof positive that it punches well above its truly compact and bijou size -- space-saving 25-note mini-keyboard all aboard -- and weight (1.75kg).

Pricing and Availability:

MicroBrute can be purchased from the Arturia online store or any authorised dealer for €329.00 EUR/$349.00 USD

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