Buchla Ships Control Voltage Processor

US Model 257e Multi-Function Control Voltage Processor is now available      09/08/13

Buchla Ships Control Voltage Processor

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Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments (BEMI) has announced the availability of the highly-anticipated 257e Control Voltage Processor. They tell us that the new module, which combines enhanced elements of the venerable 256e with six channels of voltage-controlled slewing, affords users an array of powerful control functions suitable for use in a wide range of musical and sound-sculpting applications.

256e users will be familiar with the upper section of the module, which includes dual sets of high-resolution voltage inputs and outputs along with intuitive controls for performing mathematical operations on the voltages as they pass from the input to the output stages. Voltage levels are represented graphically by a grid, with the input and output levels independently settable, along with programmable break points that allow the user to precisely define the voltage level at any given point in the input-to-output signal path.

The lower portion of the module features three channels of dual-input voltage-controllable slew processors. The applications for slew-rate processing are myriad, from real-time dynamic adjustments of envelope segments to programmable vibrato/tremolo onset-delay to portamento. The inclusion of pulse outputs on each channel allows events, such as sequencer start/stop/advance, to be triggered as the skew voltages reach their maximum positive and negative values.

About Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments
Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments, LLC, is the new incarnation of Buchla & Associates, the world renowned designer and manufacturer of advanced electronic musical instruments. Company CTO Don Buchla is known as the co-inventor of the analog synthesizer, and has been the creator of highly innovative electronic music tools for over 50 years. www.buchla.com

Pricing and Availability:
The 257e has a Iist price of $1,450. It is available from select Buchla dealers in the U.S. and Canada, via BEMI distributors in Europe, Japan, and Australia, or directly from Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments (contact sales@buchla.com).

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