Tech Diary Part 3 - Vile Electrodes In Germany

Its Wednesday, it must be Bielefeld      06/06/13

Tech Diary Part 3 - Vile Electrodes In Germany

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Simon Forsyth has had a lifelong passion for synthesizers, particularly of the analogue variety. He's worked as a keyboard tech for George Michael, Stereo MCs, Tricky, and both the West End and touring productions of Thriller. He's currently on the road with Vile Electrodes in Germany tas they support OMD.


Wednesday May 22nd
After the elation and endulgencies of the opening night, we wake to a rainy Hamburg with slightly sore heads. The 3 hour drive to Bielefeld passes relatively easily and we are greeted by the fabulous Ringlokschuppen venue which has been converted from an old train shed and is not unlike the Camden Roundhouse.

We set up again once OMD had finished their soundcheck and employ a few more tricks to aid setting up and breaking down learned from last night.

For those of you out there who love all the little technical details and gear lists, here are a few more details on the setup.


Akai MPC1000
This is the main workhorse and provides the main backbone of the sequencing as well as additional samples and BVs. It also provides the master MIDI clock to the 707 and the Kaos Pads.

Stanlow-Musical Director, MPC1000




Korg KaosPad

Anais uses this for employing live delays and looping of her voice in performance. The delays are clocked to MIDI clock to keep things in sync

Korg MiniKP
This is essentially a secondary device to the main Kaos Pad and is used for adding live vocal effects.

Roland TR707
The TR707 provides the main Kick and Snare for the Vile's sound. In addition to this, it also generates a clock pulse output which is used to clock the sequencers running on the 2 SH101s and the arpeggiator on the Korg Polysix (was Juno 60)




Roland SH101 Monosynth
This is Anais' blue SH101 and is primarily used for lead lines and some arpeggiations. Sound settings are marked on the synth in different coloured tape

Roland RS09 String machine
The RS09 is part of the Vile's signature sound. This provides the rich strings and chordal support


Fat, mean and a bit angry..

Analogue Solutions Leipzig-SK
This unique machine handles most of the bass duties due to it's huge bottom end and tight envelopes. Sounds a lot like a Pro One but with an angrier snarl to it

Korg MS20
Almost needs no introduction as this classic original has received much attention with the new Korg re-issue. This machine handles manually played lines and sweep effects

Korg Polysix (was Juno 6/60)
Another mainstay of the Viles sound, this handles the main arpeggiations for tracks such as Proximity and rich string lines supporting the RS09.

Roland SH101
This handles sequenced basslines and arpeggiations and is manually reprogrammed by Martin between or during songs including the sequencer. Note the cunning use of a piece of plastic for latching the pitch transpose.

Doepfer Dark Energy
Additional sequenced synth lines and bleeps

MFB Dominion
Additional sequenced synth lines and bleeps

Effects Pedals
Pedals for adding atmosphere to synths.
TC Electronic Space reverb
Boss Digital Delay
Boss Chorus Ensemble

Rack 1

Oberheim Matrix 1000
This is here to provide backup for either the Polysix or the RS09 providing polysynth possibilities

Samson 1u mixer x2
The audio centrepiece. All audio paths lead here for mixing and submixing


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