Soundiron Releases Olympus Elements

US Accessible version of the Olympus Symphonic Choir      31/05/13

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Soundiron has announced Olympus Elements, the newest entry in their Olympus Choral line. Available in both the Powered-By-Kontakt Player Library and the unlocked standard Kontakt open formats, they tell us that this  toolkit puts the core functionality and rich sonic power of the full Olympus Symphonic Choir into a compact and easy-to-use package for everyone, all at an unbeatable value.

A spokesperson told us, "Elements is designed for both professionals and casual users in mind, with years of virtual choir engineering and refinement distilled down into one extremely potent and simple solution. It captures all the spirit and power of a full 63-voice symphonic choir, recorded in a large natural hall with an ultra-close, wide stage mic array capturing every nuance and the full warmth and body of this mighty ensemble."

Here's the details in Soundiron's own words...

The choir is completely configurable, with independent control over male and female divisi sections. We've focused here on the 8 fundamental natural vowel sounds for each core articulation (ah, eh, ee, ei, ih, mm, oh and oo). You'll find sustains, staccatos and marcatos, each with smooth pp-ff dynamic layering and intelligent round robin. We also bring you newly upgraded true ah & oo legato sustains, with up to 6-part polyphonic harmony and fluid interval shaping. The library also features a wide variety of classic choral effects, swells, sweeps, shouts, whispers and more. Each preset comes with an array of fine performance controls, tone-shaping, 50 custom convolution environmental and fx reverbs to choose from. And of course, we've included our signature hand-crafted choral atmospheres, pads and evolving soundscapes to open up more creative possibilities.

Olympus Elements is meant for professionals and hobbyists alike. If you want the best sounding essential vowel-based choral solution possible and don't need sophisticated Latin or Russian or solo content, this is the one you've waited for. If you need a massive choral sound right out of the box without a big drag on your computer or wallet, this is the choir for you! If you're searching for a sound that can dominate the big moments just as nimbly as it can weave soul into the softest, this is the one. And if you want all of that to run with effortless efficiency - even on a laptop - then this is your choir.

Olympus Elements has a place in your arsenal, whether you're just beginning your musical career or are a seasoned pro. And even if you already own the full version of our Olympus Collection, Elements can be a potent weapon when you just need a lightweight, flexible choir that gets the job done even on the tightest scoring deadline. Existing owners of the full Olympus Collection, Mars or Venus are eligible a discount up to 75% Off Olympus Elements as an Add-On. Purchasers of Olympus Elements can also get $50 off the upgrade to our complete Olympus Symphonic Choral Collection!


· Sustains: 8 vowels, Piano-forte w/ round-robin and atmospheric pad-mode
· Staccatos: 8 vowels, Piano-forte w/ round-robin
· Marcatos: 8 vowels, Piano-forte w/ round-robin
· True Legato: Ah & Oo, piano-forte, interval shaping, fully polyphonic
· Choral Effects: Clusters, Shouts, Risers, Falls, Whispers, Drones & more...
· Phrase Master: Real-time configurable sustain/staccato step sequencing, with preset loading/saving
· Vowel Master: One patch to rule them all, with sustain/staccato switching, a full range of vowels and total control over a ton of groundbreaking features
· Custom Special FX presets: Unique creative sound design, atmospheric and otherworldly sustaining instruments drawn from the essence of the choral sound
· Intuitive Graphical User Interface: Complete parameter customization and automation support. We make it simple with plenty of ready made presets. But it's easy to take control with fully configurable Key-switches, note ranges and CC/host envelope assignment just a mouse-click away for every knob, slider and switch.
· 3061 stereo samples (48 kHz/24 bit) included with over 50 Kontakt presets
· 3.77 GB installed: 2.52 GB compressed Player version
· DVD or Download: shipping charges and tax may apply for DVD orders
· This library is securely watermarked by Continuata

Olympus Elements Kontakt Player Edition is available now at a special intro price of  $119. This Powered-By-Kontakt version works in both the free Kontakt Player and the full retail version of Kontakt 5.1.0 or later and can be added to the  "Libraries" browser rack. All samples use ncw compression and online activation through the NI Service Center is required. Owners of the Player Edition are also eligible for a great discount on an upgrade to the full version of Kontakt through Native Instruments.

Olympus Elements standard unlocked edition is available for  $99. This version requires the full retail version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or later and is not supported by the Kontakt Player or the "Libraries" browser rack. All samples are accessible pcm wavs and online activation is not required.

Pricing and Availability:
Olympus Elements Kontakt Player Edition:  $119

Olympus Elements standard unlocked edition: $99

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