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TC-Helicon's new firmware offers more presets and more control      12/11/12

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Based on user requests and feedback, TC-Helicon has released More Play - Direct Effects Control & Preset Mega-Pack, a free firmware update for the vocal multi-effects & harmony processors VoiceLive Play and VoiceLive Play GTX.
TC-Helicon says that, since its release in January 2012, VoiceLive Play has quickly become one of their most popular vocal multi-effects units. A spokesperson told Sonic State, "Simple, fun and intuitive to use, VoiceLive Play is a pro unit that's for everyone, be they bedroom singers or live stage veterans. VoiceLive Play GTX added a comprehensive set of guitar effects to the mix, making it the ideal companion for singer-songwriters."
Here's details of the update in TC-Helicon's own words:
500 New Presets
A substantial part of VoiceLive Play's popularity and ease-of-use lies with a factory bank of more than 200 presets based on popular songs, artists and effects. TC-Helicon has since offered free monthly downloads of additional preset packs authored by prominent artists, but countless user requests asking for even more presets have now led to the creation and release of the biggest pack ever: 500 new factory presets covering all styles and genres – ready for download as a part of the update.
Expanded Control Options
User feedback has also been vital to the development of the second part of the update: expanded control options. By adding a TC-Helicon Switch-3 pedal users can now increase the functionality of their VoiceLive Play or Play GTX units, giving direct access to looping, tap tempo, guitar boost (only on Play GTX), on/off control of all effects with momentary options for harmony and delay, custom programming of the footswitches, and more.
More Looping Time
Singers like to loop. As a consequence the update increases the looping time available in VoiceLive Play to a full 60 seconds, still with infinite overdubs.
How to Get The Update
Users need simply to connect their VoiceLive Play or Play GTX unit to their computers via the supplied USB cable and use the free VoiceSupport app (available from TC-Helicon's website) to update the firmware and import the new presets. The Switch-3 pedal is sold separately.
More Play Update Features
  • 500 new factory presets
  • 60 seconds of looping time
  • Expanded control options with Switch-3: On/off control of all effects / Direct access to tap tempo /Guitar boost for Play GTX / Custom programming of switch functions / Momentary delays and harmonies mode
  • Footswitches now increment/decrement Tap Tempo when Tap window is active (press/hold to scroll)
  • Reduced 2-button (enter loop or set key mode) hold time based on user suggestion
  • Added guitar Reverb decay parameter
  • Added Delay "filter styles" to guitar
  • Added uMod speed control for voice
  • Added low-cut filter to RoomSense mics to improve performance/clarity in bass-heavy environments (adjustable in setup menu)

Pricing and Availability:
Firmware update, incl. presets: Free
Switch-3: $69 / €49 / £39
Update details, including a presets overview list:


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