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Altiverb 7's Next Door III IR set samples 20 sonic perspectives in their Sound Designer's new house      22/10/12

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Audio Ease has released Next Door III, a free impulse response set for Altiverb 7 that makes your audio sound as if it is coming from elsewhere in the house. For this set they have recorded 20 sonic perspectives in Coll Anderson's (sound designer) new house.
In addition Audio Ease says that they'd like to draw your attention to the other IR's they have released since the Great Pyramid and Wembley Stadium back in March. Here's the details in their own words
  • PARIS - Davout Studio: Studio A is one of the largest tracking rooms we have come across in Europe. A massive area with superb acoustics, four isolation booths and a gallery. The history of this place is staggering. Davout is a go-to place in a go-to city, so the acoustics of this room can be appreciated on Stones, U2, Peppers and Prince tracks.
  • GENT - Flemish Opera: This Opera theatre opened in 1840, and was restored in 2007. The hall seats 1008. Together with the Antwerp Opera this is a theatre of the Flemish Opera. Unlike Antwerp, this theatre is very dry. It shares a rare quality with some other large theaters: you hear a big room with a short reverb tail.
  • STOCKHOLM - Berwald Concert Hall: Sweden's main concert hall. The 1300 seat Berwald Concert Hall, with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Swedish Radio Choir, is one of the most important cultural institutions in the country, reaching far beyond the borders of Sweden.
  • WASHINGTON STATE - Satsop cooling tower: Bob Schwenkler recorded this IR set allowed us to share it. This set is recorded with a Schoeps CMC64 microphone pair in a modified spaced configuration. Angled apart at about 90 degrees and spaced about 1.75 feet at a height of about 6 inches. The mic configuration was looking upward rather then sideways.
  • NASHVILLE TN - Sound Kitchen Studios: Sound Kitchen, the Southeast's most prestigious recording and production facility, had two recording spaces to offer to Altiverb's library of acoustics._Big Boy is a beautiful and spacious studio, measuring 45 feet by 74 feet in length, and diverse sounds in all corners of the 4,000 square feet of tracking space.
Altiverb 7 impulse responses come in an entirely new format, allowing single file downloads that include all channel configurations, spectral data, 360 surround movies, pictures, and textual tags for easier finding and sorting. Future Audio Ease impulse response releases will be exclusively for Altiverb 7. Note that Altiverb 7 requires an iLok.The PC version of Altiverb 7 is well underway. Pricing and Availability:
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