Next Generation Wideband Compressor Plug-In Released

Crysonic releases SPECTRA C2 for Mac and Windows      10/05/12

Next Generation Wideband Compressor Plug-In Released

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Crysonic has released their new version of their SPECTRA C2 WIDEBAND AUDIO COMPRESSOR for both PC & Mac.
James Riley from Crysonic told Sonic State, "We are certain the sound is going to blow your mind! Providing majestic results for all audio material, Spectra C2 is a culmination of our long time efforts to improve upon the current state of the art products available from others and at the same time keeping it simple and quick to use."
Crysonic tells us that SPECTRA C2 is a Non-Transparent Compressor which is to say it imparts subtle but very desirable analog characteristics to any signal being processed. They say that the all new Zero latency proprietary physics based algorithm employed allows Spectra C2 to be used in every step of music production from Tracking to Mastering and Live work for both mono and stereo signals.
There is a lot happening under the hood, however, says Crysonic - The gorgeous new interface enables effective and extremely fast results by dialing in just the right amount of compression. The Ratio is continues and any 'value' can be dialed in as with all the other parameters. The Release can also be set to automatic mode, where up on Spectra C2 chooses the best release value for the incoming audio material, this does however somewhat depend on the attack value set by the user. The CPU utilization is minimal and many instances can be used in a single project, for example a 32 track project can easily have Spectra C2 on each track on a mid range computer system. Crysonic allows each license holder to install Spectra C2 (all their products actually) on up to three music PC's , so if you have a Mac and a PC and a laptop, feel free to install on all of them after purchase.
Pricing and Availability:
Demo version of SPECTRA C2 for PC & Mac OSX is now available from the crysonic website. Until the 15th of May SPECTRA C2 can be purchased at the Introductory price of $55, then the price will be $159RRP. All previous crysonic customers can purchase Spectra C2 at a greatly discounted price. More information:


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