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Equinox Sounds releases Smash Up The Studio 'MIDI Keys: Piano Loops For Film & TV'      09/05/12

Piano Loop Collection

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Equinox Sounds has released MIDI Keys: Piano Loops For Film & TV, a downloadable collection from it's content partner Smash Up The Studio designed specifically for producers making music for TV, Ads, Jingles and Film. They tell us that, performed to the highest standard, this collection contains not just piano loops, but also complete short piano pieces perfect for TV ads and highly contemporary in style.
A spokesperson told Sonic State, "It seems whenever you turn on the TV at the moment and the commercial break comes on, nine times out of ten you will probably hear acoustic piano pieces, all of a similar style being used by many huge companies to help sell their products. You cannot beat the sound of a nicely recorded piano played by a pro, with feeling and expression. This is where this product comes into its own. With the advent of multi-sampled pianos you no longer need to go to a top studio with a session guy to record piano tracks on an enormous budget. There are now some amazing sampled piano plug-ins out there on the market, all you need is someone who can play."
Smash Up The Studio tells us that they have once again employed the services of keyboardist, composer and producer Steve Burton in the making of this product. They say that there are chilled loops, atmospheric loops, classical, easy listening, jazzy... all with one thing in common, you can imagine hearing them on the TV whether in an advert, show or movie. All loops range between four to sixteen bars in length and are all key and tempo labelled.
This pack also moves one step further than just a loop pack and also contains a selection of complete short MIDI piano pieces. Contents:
  • 51 MIDI piano loops
    These loops are all original performances, un-quantised and exactly as played by the artist, the perfect base on which to build your mix. Key signature info and tempo is in the file name.
  • 22 MIDI short piano pieces
    These are complete short piano pieces that are not designed to loop. The performances were played in real time and do not adhere to any strict tempo, although there is a guide tempo included in the file name along with the key signature info.
About The Performer:
Steve Burton is a session keyboardist, songwriter and producer based in London. His work has covered many genres, from R&B, House, Pop and Jazz, through to Film and Soundtrack. He has featured on many great mixes by artists such as Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Babyface, George Michael, Mary J Blige, Justin Timberlake, Seal Aretha Franklin, Destiny's Child, and many more. Pricing and Availability:
'MIDI Keys: Piano Loops For Film & TV' is currently available for $29.95 as a download. More information:


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