Modular Audio Environment For iPad Upgraded

US Retronyms release Tabletop 1.2      21/11/11

Modular Audio Environment For iPad Upgraded

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Retronyms have released Tabletop 1.2. The new version adds the fully programmable subtractive synthesizer RS4000 and SoundCloud integration.
Retronyms say that RS4000 has everything you need to create just the sounds you're looking for in your music:
  • Two oscillators with sine, sawtooth, square and triangle waveforms
  • Phase, phase mod, balance and drive osc interaction controls
  • Low pass, high pass, band pass, peak and notch filters
  • Amp and mod envelopes and LFO
  • Six scrollable octaves
A Retronym's spokesperson told us, "Once you've tweaked those perfect tunes upload to SoundCloud via Recorder M2. Tracks can be public or private, and public tracks can be posted to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Foursquare as well."
Pricing and Availability:
RS4000 is available as an in-app purchase for $9.99, and to celebrate the release Tabletop is on sale for $0.99 through Thursday, down from its regular price of $14.99. More information:

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