High Definition Vocal Microphone Now Available

US Earthworks ship their SR40V High Definition Vocal Microphone      18/08/11

High Definition Vocal Microphone Now Available

Earthworks, Inc. tell us that they are now shipping their SR40V High Definition Vocal Microphone. They say that , featuring revolutionary circuitry for impeccable sonic performance and build quality that is the envy of the industry, the SR40V gives new definition to the assumptions and expectations associated with vocal condenser microphones. Here's the details direct from the Earthworks press release:
Featuring a 9 mm back electret condenser-type transducer with a diaphragm measuring 5 microns, the new Earthworks SR40V is an engineering marvel that provides the fastest transient response of any vocal microphone on the market. Combined with a textbook perfect hyper-cardioid polar pattern, this exceptional new microphone delivers superior sounding, natural on- and off-axis performance compared to any microphone previously available. With a frequency range spanning from 30 Hz – 40 kHz, the SR40V is the world's first High Definition condenser vocal microphone.
Earthworks prides itself on delivering sound quality as close as physically possible to the original live source. Capturing this True Live Soundâ„¢ (TLS) is precisely what differentiates an Earthworks product from any other microphone in the world. The SR40V's patented technology provides extreme accuracy in the time domain, which is essential for harmonics to be reproduced faithfully and not be smeared or distorted. The new SR40V achieves the re-creation of the True Live Sound with its revolutionary circuitry by combining flat, extended frequency response with lightning fast impulse response. This circuitry is handcrafted to match each capsule for optimum performance and is precisely what makes the SR40V--and all Earthworks High Definition microphones--so unique.
With a self-noise rating of just 22 dB SPL (A weighted), a sensitivity rating of 10 mV/Pa (-40 dBV/Pa), and a Peak Acoustic Output rating of 145 dB SPL, the new SR40V combines extremely low handling noise with robust performance and output capability that enables vocal performers to have the natural sounding, up-front presence they've always wanted.
Bill Norton, Earthworks' COO, commented on the response to the SR40V High Definition Vocal Microphone. "We began to ship the SR40V at a velocity that already far exceeds our expectations. For quite some time now, music and audio professionals have asked us for a vocal microphone with the characteristics seen in the SR40V. We teamed up with various industry professionals and FOH engineers during the design phase, utilizing their valuable feedback to create the ultimate vocal condenser microphone. The SR40V is the result of that collaboration."
Pricing and Availability:
MAP Price: $999. Available now. More information:

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