Plug-In Metering System

US Sound Magic releases Meter Man VST for Windows      08/08/11

Plug-In Metering System

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Sound Magic tell us that Meter Man is a Comprehensive and Powerful Metering System for musicians to use in various situations. Here's what they have to say about it...
Meter Man features 4 meter types. A traditional peak meter which maximum peak level is 0dB. A K-12 Meter has 12dB headroom and is best use in Broadcasting. A K-14 Meter has 14dB headroom and is best use for pop music production and home theatre. A K-20 Meter has 20dB headroom and is best for movie scoring and most style of music. Here is the original article with detailed introduction about K System. By using different meters, Meter Man lets you see exactly how much loudness your recordings achieve and the most IMPORTANT point, whether its loudness best fit for its musical style. What is more, Meter Man also provides different weighting filters which simulate different loudness perceptive levels of human ears. By using above features, you could get the most comprehensive peak analyzing data for your music and then make correct adjustments on peak or loudness levels using dynamic processors.
Meter Man is also featuring a flexible overs detection system which could catch peaks or overs in different cases. A common ignored fact is that most monitoring equipment has different allowances on clipping. Meter Man could let you set different overs detection values to best fit for your monitoring equipment. In this way, Meter Man could provide you a more precision result on overs detection. What is more, Meter Man is also able to detect inter-sample peaks and you won't miss every possible clipping point.
Meter Man features one Peak Meter and one RMS Meter with fully customized sensitive time controls. You could set your own attack, decay and hold time for each meter. In this way, you could adjust the displaying to best fit for your preference and make your life easier when you are working.
  • Internal 64-bit floating-point precision, High Precision dB value display, up to the first three digits after the decimal point.
  • 4 Meter Types, including three K System Meters for different usages
  • Peak and RMS Meter showing at the same time
  • Fully Customized time controls for each meter
  • 3 Weighting filters for different loudness perceptive levels
  • Fully Customized Overs detection system
  • Support up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution
  • Provided as a Windows VST
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€29.90 More information:

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