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MacMusic/440Network launches 440Software detailing audio software for Mac, PC and iOS      28/06/11

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MacMusic/440Network have announced the launch of a website exclusively dedicated to audio software on Mac, PC and iOS systems. Here's their press release with the details...
440Software proposes the first complete directory of iOS, iPhone / iPad audio applications that will help users find the software they are looking for without having to search the enigmatic iTunes search engine that never finds the product we're looking for... An efficient "watch list" will also help subscribers keep all of their audio software up to date. Simply signin with your FaceBook, Twitter or Google login information to take advantage of all 440Software useful information for free !
440Software is the extension of the acclaimed audio software section found on what certainly is the oldest pro-audio community site on the net, "". One of the most exiting features of this very attractive site is that it offers, the first and only true listing of iOS, iPhone / iPad / Ipod Touch audio applications that could never be found using iTunes enigmatic search engine. Ever tried searching for an analog synth on iTunes ? It usually finds hundreds of Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga's songs and videos, right ? Well simply try the same search on 440Software and you might just find 563 real "analog synths" for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch !!!
The second unique site feature is that subscribers can from now on create a "watch list" that will automatically email them as new versions of their software are released. That is particularly useful to professional and project studios that often upgrade their computer and DAWs OS and struggle to find the latest compatible versions of their third party plug-ins. All users need to do is login and enter all of their audio software for the site to keep them up to date with all latest versions of their audio software. That certainly is something we can all use specially knowing that all 440Software services are 100% FREE as all content on the 440Network !!!
There are many other cool site features such as browse by categories, audio production, educational, top downloads, top view, top rated, etc, that will certainly help audio software enthusiasts find the audio software or plugins that really fits their needs. Look no further, 440Software proposes the richest listing of Mac, PC and iOS, iPhone / ipad / iPod Touch audio applications on the web...
An other great feature is that users can from now on signin to 440Software using their FaceBook, Twitter, or Google login information. Previous members may of course use their 440Network ID to login.
440Software is an unescapable source of FREE information for all Pro Audio passionate and professionals that need to keep their iPhone, iPad, Mac & PC audio software up to date!
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