MESSE11: New KRK Full Range Studio Monitor

Rokit RP10-3 three-way mid-field debuts      06/04/11

MESSE11: New KRK Full Range Studio Monitor

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KRK Systems has introduced the new ROKIT RP10-3 Mid-field Three-Way Monitor System. Here's their press release on the subject:
Designed to deliver full range professional performance in a mid-field monitor package, the ROKIT RP10-3 breaks both performance and price barriers to give commercial and private studios the creative edge for critical listening environments. The integrated low frequency driver and cabinet design deliver true bass response down to 35Hz to yield an enhanced low end experience not found with other mid-field monitors. The ROKIT RP10-3 also offers a unique rotatable tweeter/midrange speaker mount plate that ensures accurate acoustic alignment for vertical and horizontal installation, making it at home in any studio.
"Most professional and commercial facilities offer clients a broad choice of Near- to Mid-field monitors in addition to main monitors so that they can test their mixes across several environments from cars to clubs. However, in the private, project and home studio environment one monitoring system might have to do it all," says Timothy Dorwart, CEO of KRK Systems. "In the ROKIT RP10-3, KRK engineers have created a cost-effective monitor with the extraordinary overall performance for which the ROKIT line is known. This has not been available in a single system of this size until now. The smaller studio no longer has to sacrifice quality and accuracy because of budget constraints. We believe the ROKIT RP10-3 will have a significant impact on the market."
The ROKIT RP10-3 is a true three-way speaker design that provides the engineer with accurate reference monitoring in a cost-effective package. In the past, large speaker performance was denied to the smaller studio because of space and price considerations. With the RP10-3 a studio can now offer clients the ability to listen to mixes at high sound pressure levels with well defined bass response. At the same time, the ROKIT RP10-3 delivers all the clarity and transparency expected from a professional monitoring system.
To accommodate any speaker mounting configuration, a crucial consideration for a smaller control room, the RP10-3 allows the mid-range/tweeter assembly to be re-positioned for horizontal speaker placement. This preserves the proper axis orientation and excellent sonic accuracy the cabinets offer while allowing maximum setup flexibility for the studio owner. Cabinet placement allows for a generous one- to four-meters (approximately three- to 13-feet) for rated performance and the contoured baffle design virtually eliminates high frequency diffraction distortion and widens the sweet spot for mixing.
The ROKIT RP10-3 offers Glass Aramid Composite 10-inch low and four-inch mid frequency drivers for excellent transient response and accurate vocal reproduction. The tweeter waveguide design provides amazing detail and imaging by optimizing directivity and improving phase response. The KRK High Efficiency Tri-Amp triple amplification system provides discrete, low-distortion power expertly tailored to maximize the performance from each component speaker, while the three-way crossover systems ensure smooth and accurate frequency response appropriate to each component. The cabinets are capable of delivering a clean 140 Watts RMS with a signal to noise ratio of 98dB and a T.H.D. rating of .08-percent. This amount of power yields up to 110dB music and 113dB maximum sound pressure levels to accommodate a wide range of listening levels for high dynamic tracks for all genres of music.
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