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Samplerbanks releases Logic's ES2: Basic to Intermediate Synthesis by Sound Guru      01/03/11

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Samplerbanks has released Logic's ES2: Basic to Intermediate Synthesis by Sound Guru. Here's their press release:
Synthesis can seem extremely daunting. When you open up a synth like Logic's ES2, you're confronted with a huge array of buttons, knobs and sliders whose function seems obscure at best.
Even if you study the manual and can find your way around, it can still be extremely frustrating; hearing the sounds you want to make in your head, but unable to produce them. ES2 Synthesis: Basic to Intermediate guides you all the way from the foundations of synthesis to advanced sound design in 2hrs 35mins of HD video.
If you own Apple's Logic Studio or Logic Express, you also own the ES2, since it's one of the native synths that Logic ships with. If you've come across it, you'll know that it's a beast of an instrument, with a huge array of options for sound generation/modulation, and an almost limitless potential for new sounds. The ES2 is also a subtractive synthesizer. That makes it part of the most popular family of synths by far. As a result, the knowledge you will gain in this tutorial series is applicable to many thousands of other synthesizers, both virtual and analog.
ES2 Synthesis: Basic to Intermediate doesn't simply teach you about buttons and knobs, however. The author, Tom Maisey created this tutorial series precisely because there aren't any other tutorials out there that teach you the really juicy stuff: making amazing sounds that take your tracks to the next level.
The tutorial series is split into three parts:
  • Part 1 explains the layout of the ES2, and how its oscillators, filters and effects section can be employed to build starting points for your sounds.
  • Part 2 covers the modulation matrix and explains using Envelopes, LFOs and Expressive modulation sources to give your sound the dynamic shape and sonic character you're after.
  • Part 3 is where things really start to get interesting. Over the course of 18 sound design workshop videos, we look at making Basses, Pads & Chords, Fx and Percussive sounds. In the process, you will learn a broad range of techniques that will allow you to turn the sounds in your head into reality.
The tutorial pack also includes several Logic project files and 21 ES2 patches to study and adapt at your leisure.
Creating synth sounds from scratch is not only gratifying, it makes your tracks stand out from the crowd. Why use someone else's clichÈ when you can make your own?
Pricing and Availability:
21.99 GBP / 25.77 EUR / 35.46 USD - available as instant download More information:


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