MiDi-to iPad Controller For Serato

Wireless Multitouch MIDI Controller      09/02/11

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This is an new demo video for MiDi-to - a wireless iPad midi controller for Serato Scratch Live.

MIDI-to is the first controller app for Serato Scratch Live that does not need any additional software to work. The app is designed to minimize interaction with the computer.

MiDi-to takes advantage of the new Core MIDI framework available with iOS 4.2 which minimizes setup and latency.

MiDi-to is a wireless DJ MiDi controller designed for Serato Scratch Live™. It is the first iPad MiDi controller designed for Serato that does not need any additional software to work. 

According to the developers, "Our philosophy is to bring back the DJ's attention to their DJ set instead of their computer."

MiDi-to's features are divided into 3 views.


  • Trigger Cue points
  • Trigger Samples
  • Use your "Ultra Knob" FX and all the latest presets
  • Set manual loops
  • Set auto-loops on the fly
  • Loop Rolling
  • Reverse or "censor" the playing track
  • Change playback mode between Absolute, Relative and Internal quickly in emergencies (cleaning your needle for example)


  • Control your FX in "Super Knob Mode" for each deck.
  • In this view you can have up to 3 simultaneous FXs per deck.
  • All the latest Serato FX presets are included for quick and precise manipulation via ergonomic virtual faders.
  • Change the rhythm of the FX on the fly.


  • Navigate through your Crates and tracks directly from your iPad
  • Assign a song to the desired deck and play it!

More information on MIDI-to is available at the developer's site. 

Pricing and Availability

 MIDI-to is available now for $4.99.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news

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