Telefunken 50th Anniversary Microphones

Special commemorative ELA M edition includes extra NOS tubes and accessories      07/09/10

Telefunken 50th Anniversary Microphones

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TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the ELA M 250/251, 250E/251E, and 270 microphones with exclusive commemorative system packages. Here's their press release with all the details...
Handsome leather-bound flightcases sport an embroidered 50th Anniversary logo, and the cable stand-mount feature the same gold diamond badge as found on the originals.
The ELA M 250/251 models include the extremely rare AC701 vacuum tube, while the E series and stereo model feature the 6072a tube. "We are including extra NOS tubes for the 250E/251E and 270 systems so that these mics will be good for another 50 years," said Toni Fishman, president and founder of the company, which restored the TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik brand to its 100+ years glory. Due to the extremely rare nature of the AC701 tube, extras will not be provided for the ELA M 250/251 system. However, TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik will keep a large private stock for its customers for future warranty service and repair needs.
50 years ago in 1960, TELEFUNKEN released what has become the most respected and sought after microphone in the history of recording: the ELA M 251 microphone. It is thought that fewer than 2000 total original ELA M systems were built before TELEFUNKEN GmbH discontinued sales of the microphone. Since that time, thousands of musicians have recorded countless records with this legendary mic, and its value and reputation is still unequalled.
Each of the TELEFUNKEN commemorative models features an edge-terminated, dual backplate CK-12 capsule hand built in Connecticut from parts that are constructed from the original AKG blueprints. The amplifier in the ELA M 250E/251E/270 series features a GE 6072 tube and a Haufe T14/1 output transformer.
Originally designed to meet the technical specifications of German and Austrian broadcast during the period when these microphones were originally constructed, the ELA M 250/251 system boasts a different circuit utilizing the TELEFUNKEN AC-701 tube, which is known for its lower noise floor and better RF prevention.
Today, prime examples of vintage ELA M 250 / 251 microphones are extremely rare, commanding tens of thousands of dollars on the vintage market. TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik recreations exemplify the best qualities of the finest examples of these legendary microphones and are faithfully true to the 50-year heritage.
"Getting one of our new commemorative systems is like taking a time machine back to 1960 and purchasing it directly from the TELEFUNKEN showroom," remarked Jason Scheuner, director of artist relations.
The ELA M 250 is the two-pattern (cardioid and omni) version of the three-pattern ELA M 251 (cardioid, omni, and figure 8). The stereo version ELA M 270, which features all 3 pickup patterns on both the top and bottom capsules, is one of the rarest of all microphones ever constructed. Only two original units were produced. TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik located and purchased one of the two original systems to use as a benchmark system for the recreation of this astounding microphone system.
These 50th Anniversary editions start edto ship September 1, 2010 and will run through to the end of 2011. Each serial number of these prized and collectible microphones will be designated in our records as commemorative limited edition version and will include vintage style power supplies, 10-meter Gotham Audio cables, locking leather bound flight cases with custom 50th Anniversary logo stitching, wooden boxes, spare 6072 / ECC81 tube (for 250E/251E and 270 models only), owners' manuals, and 5-year warranties.
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