Affordable And Compact Handheld Recorder

ESI Rekord M is now available      29/06/10

Affordable And Compact Handheld Recorder

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ESI have released their compact audio recorder, Rekord-M , which they say provides studio quality recordings for budget-conscious musicians seeking a portable unit to record their ideas, gigs and sessions. Here's the rest of what they have to say...
Rekord M is our very affordable and compact handheld audio recorder with professional studio quality.
It has an integrated stereo microphone that allows you to record anything directly virtually anywhere. It also has a stereo line input with adjustable input gain, allowing you to record your mix directly from the output of a mixer for example. You can even connect an external dynamic microphone to the microphone input. Rekord M also features a headphone output that can be used as line output and even a built-in speaker for direct monitoring of your recordings.
The internal 4 GB of memory allows you to record more than 6 hours of uncompressed audio (or even over 17 days of compressed mp3 audio) in pristine quality. Rekord M directly connects to your Mac or PC via USB connection and gets charged via the integrated battery directly from your computer. All features are displayed via the color LCD display of Rekord M.
And of course, the most amazing feature is the extremely compact size with only 3.4 cm x 8.7 cm x 1.4 cm.
  • audio recorder for PCM/WAV and mp3 data
  • USB 2.0 connection to computer
  • color LCD display
  • 4 GB of internal memory
  • integrated stereo microphone
  • integrated speaker
  • external 1/8" input for dynamic microphone (mono), adapter for 1/4" included
  • external 1/8" stereo line input, adapter for 2x 1/4" mono to 1x 1/8" stereo included
  • 1/8" headphone and line output
  • folder & file manager (5 folders with up to 999 files each)
  • WAV/PCM recording (uncompressed data)
  • mp3 recording (16, 32, 64, 128 kbps)
  • recording bitrate: 16 bit / recording samplerate: 44.1kHz
  • uncompressed WAV and mp3 file playback (up to 320kpbs)
  • recording time: up to 6.15h (WAV/PCM), up to 426h (mp3/LP)
  • battery lifetime: about 12h when recording, about 5h when playing via speaker
  • compatible to Windows XP, Vista, 7 & Mac OS X
  • hand strap included
  • USB cable included
  • dimensions: 34mm x 87mm x 14mm
  • weight: ca. 38g
Pricing and Availability:
£129 GBP / 159 EUR More information:


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