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New App Turns An iPad Into A Jammer-Style Controller      21/06/10

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iJammer is a new WiFi-based wireless MIDI "Jammer" style control app for the Apple iPad

The layout is based on the "Hayden-Wicki" system, with independent mirror image keyboards for the left and right hands. It supports up to 10-note polyphony.

iJammer supports two independent wireless MIDI channels and has a 9-octave range.

iJammer doesn't produce any sound on it own, it is designed for controlling hardware or software VST-style MIDI synthesizers via a WiFi connection to a Windows or Mac OS X based computer.

Multiple iPads can run iJammer on the same wireless network, each sending messages on its own set of MIDI channels to the hardware or software synthesizer.

Pricing and Availability

iJammer is available now for $9.99.


James Lewin
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