What Do Nine Inch Nails And Andrew Lloyd Webber Have In Common

New Site, Six Degrees Of Black Sabbath, Finds Connections Between Musicians      23/05/10

What Do Nine Inch Nails And Andrew Lloyd Webber Have In Common

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6 Degrees Of Black Sabbath is a new site designed to look for 6 degrees-style connections between any musicians.

For example you could put in two seemingly unrelated artists, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Nine Inch Nails, and find that they are only four steps apart:

  1. Andrew Lloyd Webber created the track Goodby Seattle, that was performed by;
  2. Paul Raven, who was a member of Pigface;
  3. Who has a member Chris Vrenna;
  4. Who was a member of Nine Inch Nails.

It's not the most useful tool in the world, but it does demonstrate that the music world is a lot smaller than you might think and that even the most unlikely of artists share  connections. 

Creator Paul Lamere also found that certain artists have much higher than average "connectedness". The most connected artists include:

  1. Pigface
  2. Mick Harris
  3. Black Sabbath
  4. The The
  5. Youth
  6. Bill Laswell
  7. J.G. Thirlwell
  8. Painkiller
  9. F.M. Einheit
  10. Napalm Death


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