New Open Labs Production Stations

The Generation6 lineup includes two new MiKos and two new NeKos      21/05/10

New Open Labs Production Stations

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Open Labs have debuted their newest line of Production Stations - Generation6. The Gen6 lineup includes the Gen6 MiKo QC6, the Gen6 NeKo QX6, the Gen6 MiKo LXD and the Gen6 NeKo XXL. The company say that the entire new Gen6 product line offers more power, more sounds and is more affordable. Here's the rest of what they have to say...
All products in the Gen6 lineup feature processors from the 2010 Intel® CoreTM processor family and are based on Microsoft's Windows 7 for true Open Platform Capability. The Q series lineup includes the MiKo QC6 and the NeKo QX6, which offer over 10,000 sounds, full DAW capabilities, a 15" touch screen interface, DVD/CD burning and internet capability and a 37 or 61 keyboard form factor.
The L series lineup, which are the pinnacle of Music Production Stations, include the MiKo LXD and the NeKo XXL. Both production stations offer over 15,000 sounds, full DAW capabilities, a 15" touch screen interface, DVD/CD burning and internet capability and a 37 or 61 keyboard form factor. The L series offers incredible control over production with the Alpha 2 controller, the bankable Mix Edit and the drum pad interface Bump MP. The NeKo XXL also raises the bar in audio by offering 24bit/192khz recording.
"We are very excited to be launching the most powerful Musical Production Stations we've ever produced," said Victor Wong, Chairman and Co-Founder, Open Labs, "with our migration to Windows 7 we have spent months testing and retesting our proprietary software products as well as the most popular third party software and hardware products. We can assure our customers the same level of musical flexibility that they have grown to expect in our Production Stations and with our new offerings we can expand in ways which we have never been able to before now.
Our software offerings will continue to flourish and our platforms will grow more robust with each release. This is a major transition for Open Labs and our ability to serve our customers and their musical aspirations."

The Q series Open Labs Music Production Stations come with Open Labs Gold Support Services which include: a one-hour "Get to Know Your Machine" session, two hours of technical training and warranty for parts and labor for one year. The L Series come with Open Labs Platinum Support Services which include the same level of Support Services as Gold Support in addition to seven hours of technical training.
Pricing and Availability:
The Gen6 MiKo QC6 is available for $3,799 USD and the Gen6 NeKo QX6 is available for $3,999 USD. The Gen6 MiKo LXD is available for $4,799 USD and the Gen6 NeKo XXL is available for $6,999 USD. More information:


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