Sequential Circuits Pro One Gets An Update

CPU Replacement Expands Sequencer's Features      11/05/10

Sequential Circuits Pro One Gets An Update

Buying Choices

Nearly 30 years after the Sequential Circuits Pro One's release, Music Technologies Group has announced a Pro One Replacement CPU.

The new CPU is a plug and play replacement for the original and ups the sequencer length to 256 steps, from 40.


  • Plug n Play. No soldering required.
  • Supports the original functionality including the sequencer and arpeggiator.
  • Each sequence can be up to 256 steps (compared to total of 40 steps on the original).
  • Sequences are retained in memory even after power-down. The CPU module does not use a battery.
  • Power-on settable parameters for clock start mode, arpeggio up/down mode and arpeggio gate time.
  • DIY tips for building a MIDI interface that allows you to re-flash the CPU firmware (E.g. sending a Sys Ex file using MIDIOX or similar).

Pricing and Availability

These are being sold via eBay. See the MTG site for more info.


Image: Corey Holms

James Lewin
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