Full Metal Racket

9 Soundware releases Full Metal Racket R NN-XT Patches      04/05/10

Full Metal Racket

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9 Soundware have released Full Metal Racket R, a set of patches for the NN-XT sampler within Propellerhead Reason. Here's what they have to say...
The theme of the sound set is distortions. Its origins are in five previously released 9 Soundware titles. The instruments are based on select samples from the Thrash, 666, Discord, and Error EXS24 sound sets, and the Mixer Feedback WAV collection.
  • Thrash (Instruments of face melting aggression.) The theme behind Thrash is HEADROOM DECIMATING AUDIO. Extreme waveforms were created with one goal and one goal only: To see how gut-wrenchingly jarring and intense sound could be. These eardrum-bashing anomalies are not metalhead-friendly sounds. They are not even sound system-friendly sounds. The 30 instruments in this category are based on 75 samples. The source sounds for the samples include performed noise, synthesis, mixer feedback, screaming, and a drum machine.
  • 666 (Aural disturbance.) The theme behind 666 is The Number of the Beast. From drones and disturbing cry-like textures to squeals and intense noise rhythms, these sounds were designed to paint fear-inducing backdrops, as well as evoke fright. The 20 instruments in this category are based on 25 samples. The source sounds for the samples include animal shrieks and growls, distorted vocals, a bass guitar being beaten, and drum loops.
  • Discord (Instruments of discordant ambience and events.) The theme behind Discord is ethereal cacophony. Made to create ambient tension, these sounds lead to the more extreme content of 666. The 30 instruments in this category are based on 75 samples. The source sounds for the samples include performed noise using found objects and electronics, an untuned cello, headphone feedback, guitar noise, voices, and outdoor ambiences.
  • Error (Undo empty trash.) The theme behind Error is glitching. These sounds are the result of misusing hardware and software to introduce distortions not usually associated with conventional signal processing. The 30 instruments in this category are based on 75 samples. The source sounds for the samples include audio files which were deleted and erroneously retrieved using data recovery software, a DAT machine on vari-speed mode, sounds which were processed and reprocessed with the opposite settings, a digital delay pedal, and a skipping audio CD.
  • Mixer Feedback (DJ Mixer.) Mixer feedback is a performance technique used by DJ Shiftee, in which a feedback loop created on a DJ mixer is manipulated with its onboard controls to produce a wide array of timbres. The instruments in this category are based on samples (typically a few wave cycles) edited from audio files of the Mixer Feedback release. They fuse the imperfect "analog" character of the mixer with the modulation capabilities of the NN-XT. The 40 instruments in this group are based on 50 samples. They are classified as "Lead", "Bass", "Pad", "Bass Drum", or "Theremin".
While these NN-XT patches use identical names and are based on the same samples as the original EXS24 sound sets, the instruments of Full Metal Racket R are brand new. They use different sample combinations, playback settings, modulation programming, and are designed specifically for the NN-XT synthesis architecture.
The 504 MB download includes 150 .sxt files and 300 WAV files (24-bit/44.1kHz).
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Full Metal Racket R is available now for $74.99 More information:


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