iPad App Review: Synth! From Retronyms

How good is a .99c synth?      27/04/10

No flash plug

    MP4 5:20 mins

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Brought to you from the unique world of Mr Franz K - who's inimitable presentational style enlivens any subject, the Synth! iPad app from retronyms, offers a 5-voice synthesizer and sampler with over 40 preset synth voices. 


  • Polyphonic touch screen synth keyboard large enough to be used as a real piano
  • Excellent Value for $0.99!
  • A decent selection of various synth sounds, and fun "sampler" mode included
  • You can hear the sounds as you are selecting them from the list
  • Mod Wheel effects each sound in a relevant way
  • Includes adjustable Delay and Distortion effects to augment sounds
  • with atmosphere and edge
  • Portable musical fun for kids or pros!

  • Drum sounds included, but no metronome or backing drum beats
  • Could use a wider choice of sounds ( but they could easily increase it
  • via update )
  • Delay effect does not show BPM, and no "tap tempo"
  • Distortion effect is very "digital" sounding ( harsh and crisp )
  • Basses could be more "bassy" in the low end
  • Mod wheel, but no "pitch bend"
  • Pros may wish for more detailed control over sounds

Hard to go wrong with this sort of price tag.
Worth checking out their other apps such as: Doppler Pad, - a more fully functioning sound tool and StudioTrack - for multi-track recording.

Pricing and Availability
$0.99c from the iTunes App Store



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