Guitar Tablature App For The iPad

Edit And Preview Tabs      05/04/10

Guitar Tablature App For The iPad

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Agile Partners has introduced TabToolkit - a powerful guitar tablature and music notation viewer for the iPad.


  • Supports the following tab formats: Guitar Pro, Power Tab, PDF and text.*
  • Audio synthesizer with multi-track playback. Listen to all instruments simultaneously and re-assign the midi instrument for any track.
  • View both standard music notation and tablature notation.
  • Automatically scroll through music with tempo control.
  • Turn on a metronome with a wide range of sounds.
  • Display a fretboard (guitar or bass) or keyboard that shows finger positions.
  • Upload tab files directly from your Mac or PC.
  • Download tabs from the Internet using a built-in web browser.
  • Portrait and landscape screen orientations with an option to lock the orientation.
  • Built in help, news and feedback support feature.
  • Lefties welcome! Lefty-mode inverts the fretboard to display correct finger positions.


Pricing and Availability

TabToolkit is avaialble now for $9.99 in the App Store.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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