Synthesizer Lets You Really Play With Your Food

Syntheslicer Puts A Synth On A Knife      22/03/10

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The Syntheslicer is a DIY synth project that lets you really play with your food.

It's an alternate impementation of Adafruit's Drawdio electronics kit that puts the sound generator/synth on a knife. 

The Drawdio is a DIY electronic sound generator that attaches to a pencil and uses the conductive properties of graphite to make noise from what you draw. 

Hacker Jonathan M. Guberman combined the Drawdio with a knife to make the Syntheslicer. To use it, you hold the Syntheslicer in one hand and a fork with a metallic handle in the other, and you "play with your food" to control the pitch.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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