Orchestral And Philharmonic Sample Pack

Prime Loops releases Orchestral Scores      15/02/10

Orchestral And Philharmonic Sample Pack

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Prime loops has teamed with Jean Baptiste Lacaze to bring to you what they say is the ultimate orchestral and philharmonic sample pack - Orchestral Scores - which they describe as an amazing array of orchestral pieces, striking loops and eerie ambience that have converged into a single, incredible collection for film-makers and musicians alike. Here's the rest of what they have to say about it...
Orchestral Scores offers an extensive collection of 100 expertly processed and professionally recorded Symphonic Orchestra Loops for your music production. For this stunning philharmonic loops collection Prime Loops has teamed up once again with the terrifyingly talented Jean Baptiste Lacaze, also known from Prime Loops' critically acclaimed sample pack releases such as Planet Of The Orchestra and Ambient Funk.
Inspired by Hollywood's greatest musical legends, Orchestral Scores fuses vibes from the minor melodies of Danny Elfman, with the tear-jerking progressions of James Horner and the undisputed king of unforgettable film music, John Williams. With a production value that would impress even the most weathered studio engineer, these pieces are nothing less than cinema-ready.
Inside this sample pack you will be exposed to over 500mb of royalty-free inspiration for your musical adventures. All of the 100 loops in this pack are clearly labeled with key and tempo for easy induction into your music productions or soundtrack projects. Just drag and drop these files into your Fruity Loops, Ableton, Logic and Garageband productions or any other piece of sequencing software - it couldn't be easier to use.
Truly a testament to the diversity of the orchestra, Orchestral Scores offers only the best orchestral compositions and arrangements for musicians and film-makers alike. Sweep through soaring melodies, paramount string ensembles and intricate piano progressions. Experience moody ambiences and hear the deep thump of epic percussions resonating into the distance.
These loops are ideal for use with film, animation and video games and especially suited for producers who want to avoid the expense of hiring a professional composer or arranger. This collection is also tremendously accessible to anyone who just loves to sample, chop, mash-up and rearrange.
Remember - all the samples, as with all Prime Loops packs, are 100% royalty free; meaning they can be used in all your creations without having to worry about pricey licensing costs, and you will retain full ownership of your work. No matter if you are into Hip Hop, Pop, Dubstep or more kind of experimental things, all of the compositions in this pack will perfectly compliment your needs.
This is a sample pack to inspire - bringing together the intense and the ethereal, the uplifting and the sombre, the movie theatre with the music charts. Orchestra Scores is an uplifting collection of finely crafted samples that your productions are just aching for!
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