The Authentic Sound Of Africa

Prime Loops launches Sample Africa label with Zulu Warriors sample set      18/11/14

The Authentic Sound Of Africa

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Brand new to Prime Loops is Sample Africa, which the company describes as an exciting new sample label that will be bringing you the authentic sound of Africa. Here's the story in their own words...

This new Sample Pack range is exclusive to Prime Loops and is perfect for those who are looking to explore the sounds of African culture and World Music, or indeed those that just want to add a genuine ethnic touch to their productions. Sample Africa will be delivering high end samples that will inspire you to write music that evokes the sights, sounds and feel of real Africa.

First up on the agenda is Zulu Warriors Vol.1, an intriguing trip into the soundscape of the Zulu tribe. Well known for their history as a successful warrior tribe, the Zulu's heritage still lives on today as modern Africans continue to practice their culture and tradition. This pack evokes those very customs and traditions that have lived on to the present day.

With over 200 samples inside, Zulu Warriors Vol.1 includes war cries, traditional drum sounds and African fx. To add to this we have served up some custom made drum kits of our own that perfectly compliment the feel of this pack. Overall, you'll be getting your hands on a whopping 388MB of samples - uff!

Also to come in the Sample Africa range is Maasai Vol.1 and AmaMpondo Vol. 1. These two packs will bring you unique samples of interesting instruments like the Bokoman Horn, as well as vocal samples of tribal ululation and hypnoptic chanting. Aggresive male chants and vocal harmonies are also provided, to add either impact or extra musicality. So hold tight for these next two packs awaiting in the pipeline!

In the meantime get a glimpse into the soundscape of the African war machine that is the Zulu Nation! This one is not to be missed!

Pricing and Availability:
Zulu Warriors Vol.1 costs £39.95

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