Reactions To Apple's iPad

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Reactions To Apple's iPad

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Apple's introduction of the iPad tablet computer today was the culmination of months of hype.

Now, people can stop talking about what they they think the Apple Tablet is going to be and start talking about what the Apple iPad can do.

Here's a round up of some of the more interesting reactions to the Apple iPad:

  • Wired's Eliot Van Buskirk says "The iPad offers a step forward for music fans and recorded-music companies in the form of support for the iTunes LP format — a deluxe, extras-laden package that previously played only on desktops and laptops running iTunes."
  • Bob Lefsetz says "I’m not convinced I need one! The iPad is almost like a computer without software. Why do I need one again? There’s no MacPaint, like on the original Macintosh. There’s nothing revolutionary. I give Apple credit for building it, but I’ve got to give them credit for building the Cube too."
  • The Free Software Foundation's Holmes Wilson said in a statement that "This is a huge step backward in the history of computing. If the first personal computers required permission from the manufacturer for each new program or new feature, the history of computing would be as dismally totalitarian as the milieu in Apple's famous superbowl ad."
  • Billboard's Antony Bruno says "It's fair to say that the newly-unveiled, over-hyped and much-anticipated iPad tablet computer will not be the mobile music business game-changer that previous Apple offerings were, like the iPhone and the App Store. That's not to say it will have no impact; it will have more of an incremental, trickle-down effect on existing business models rather than enabling new ones."
  • ProToolerBlog's Stiff says "I’d like to say that I see great potential here, but it’s all up to the app developers. I recently did an interview with Jordan Rudess who, besides his work with Dream Theater, is an avid iPhone and multi-touch endorser. He sees a very bright future for music when it comes to multi-touch and it’s very hard not to feel that passion."
  • CDM's Peter Kirn has a scathing reaction to the iPad introduction, saying "I think the new, mobile Apple is doing immense harm to the computing legacy the company has forged. We could have had a Mac tablet today. Instead, we have a giant iPhone – and that’s a decision that has some serious repercussions."
  • Audio Cookbook's John Keston says "I see the iPad as a very pretty, but bulky iPod Touch / Kindle great for Facebook, movies, and e-books, but not something that’s likely to become a significant platform for music or sound design."
  • SoundDownUnder's Damian says "The iPad will be able to be used for virtual keyboards/synths, virtual drum kits, virtual tactile response interface and even a virtual mixer (maybe in conjunction with being connected to a PowerMac/ Macbook etc)... it will also be intersting to see if some of the big music software companies embrace this product as a control surface for their proprietry software. "

I think you could say, charitably, that many were either underwhelmed by the Apple iPad, or that the iPad backlash has set in.

My reaction to the iPad is more favorable than most. I see a coherent, viable vision for tablet computing that’s 5 years ahead of what other companies are doing. I also remember how bad my cell phone was before Apple gave the wireless industry a much-needed reboot.

Ultimately, though, it will be buyers, not critics, that make or break the Apple iPad.

What do you think of Apple's latest computing platform? Are you interested?

See these links for each author's full take on the new iPad:

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