Bach Wants To Kill Off The MP3

And Replace It With MusicDNA      23/01/10

Bach Wants To Kill Off The MP3

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Bach wants to kill off the MP3 - and replace it with a new format, MusicDNA.

MusicDNA, developed by Norwegian company BACH Technology, is a new digital audio format, based on the open MPEG-7 format, that offers richer metadata and "metadata portability".

The richer metadata can include information on audio analysis, annotation, tempo, instrumentation, mood and other semantic audio metadata.

BACH says that their technology can recognize songs from a sample just a few seconds long with an accuracy rate of over 99%. MusicDNA can read audio files in any format and then add accurate and complete metadata.

Beyond enhancing information about your music library, though, MusicDNA can enable a bidirectional link to labels, bands and music retailers. For example, you could choose to receive information on new releases on the bands that you listen to, or to find out when the bands you like are going to be performing near you.

MusicDNA files are compatible with existing MP3 players, including the iPod.

Bach is planning a rollout of MusicDNA this summer.


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