WNAMM10: Tenori-On Version 2.0

US Yamaha make new firmware available      14/01/10

WNAMM10: Tenori-On Version 2.0

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Here's the Yamaha press release...
The innovative Yamaha Tenori-On has captured the imagination of creative musicians and performers bringing new dimensions and thought processes to music construction. The recent announcement from Yamaha of the more affordable 'orange' variant demonstrates the excitement that continues to surround this instrument.
Yamaha engineers have continued to work with Japanese media artist, Toshio Iwai, to evolve this unique instrument even further and Winter NAMM Show 2010 sees the public release of the highly anticipated Version 2.0 firmware. This user installable firmware update for both TNR-W and TNR-O further enhances the Tenori-On experience with the following new features and operational improvements.
  • 1 - Tighter operation
    Through internal software refinements the Yamaha engineers have successfully improved the overall processing performance, giving the Tenori-On player the experience of a 'tighter' and more instantaneous real-time performance instrument.
  • 2 - Improved MIDI sync
    A high percentage of Tenori-On owners use their instrument in conjunction with a computer-based DAW. This combination gives maximum sonic versatility. The new Version 2.0 firmware now responds to the F2 MIDI Song Position Pointer message allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into all popular DAW systems.
  • 3 - Global Mute
    Its now simple to Globally Mute the Tenori-On audio output for all tracks by using R4 and L1 top panel buttons. This allows performers, especially when using the Tenori-On with a DAW, to create dramatic mutes (and unmutes) via shortcut keys, without having to enter the deeper menu architecture of the Tenori-On.
  • 4 - Reset Loop Timing
    When changing loop speeds and accessing the unique Tenori-On layer loop points, its possible to have different tracks running out of sync with each other. This can create a unique musical feel however, at some musical moment, its good to be able to reset all loop points. In the original Tenori-On firmware this feature was buried deep within the menu structures however, with Version 2.0, this is now available from the top panel buttons. Simply by hitting the combination of L4 and R1 all tracks will reset to their original loop timing points.
  • 5 - User Scale
    A feature that has been highly requested by the Tenori-On enthusiasts is the ability to expand and edit the instruments global note scaling. Rather than being confined to a range of 16 consecutive notes per layer, its now possible to create a global 'User Scale' allowing different notes from different octaves to be accessed and sequenced within one single layer. This new function will open up many new musical dimensions for the Tenori-On player as any note can now be assigned to a layer.
  • 6 - Swing
    With a new 'Swing' function implemented in Version 2.0 its now possible to give the entire instrument a new level of musical 'feel'. With a -23/+23 swing parameter its also possible to fine tune this 'feel' using the jog wheel in real-time. The new Swing feature is especially creative when Slaved to an external DAW as it allows the Tenori-On to swing while the DAW remains rigid.
Pricing and Availability:
The new Version 2.0 firmware is available for free download from global.yamaha.com/tenori-on/downloads from today. More information:

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