Would You Watch Ads To Get Free Music?

New Service Offers Free Tunes To People That Will View Advertisements      11/01/10

Would You Watch Ads To Get Free Music?

Buying Choices

Universal Music Group today announced a partnership with FreeAllMusic.com to offer free, legal downloads from UMG's catalog.

FreeAllMusic.com is a new music service that plans to offer users MP3s of popular songs in exchange for watching one video commercial per download.

Users select a participating brand they prefer, and watch a brief video from that brand. Users can also email information about their download to friends, who can also download it legally for free...if they watch the ad, too.

Charter brands for the private beta period include Coca-Cola, Warner Bros. TV, Zappos.com, LIONSGATE, LG, inconcert3D, and Powermat.

Would You Watch Ads To Get Free Music?

Free music is always popular - but the big question is whether anyone will want to sit through a selection of advertisements in order to get to download from a limited selection of tracks.

Universal notes, too, that "Users' music selections and sponsoring brands are promoted externally through an opt-in, consumer-informed digital advertising network."

In other words, information about the music you select and the ads you watch will be recorded and that information will be used to target you with additional advertisements.

What do you think? Are you up for watching ads to get some free music?


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