Mixtikl 2 Coming Dec 8th

A Multi-Platform Generative Music App      29/11/09

Mixtikl 2 Coming Dec 8th

Buying Choices

Intermorphic has announced that they are on target to release Mixtikl 2, a multi-platform generative music application, on December 8th. Their release candidate is undergoing testing this week.

Mixtikl is a multi-platform generative music and loop mixing system. It will be available for Mac, Windows, Windows Mobile and iPhone/iPod touch. It's designed to be a self-contained generative music system, including generative sequencing and synthesis.

Pricing and Availability

Mixtikl is expected to be available starting Dec 8th. The iPhone/iPod touch version will be available some time after the 8th, because of Apple's backlog of apps to review. No pricing on version 2 has been announced; version 1 retails for $9.99 for the mobile version and $29.99 for the desktop version.


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