Cinematique Instruments Intros Celtic Nylon Harp

New Kontakt Virtual Instrument      21/11/09

Cinematique Instruments Intros Celtic Nylon Harp

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Cinematique Instruments has introduced a new virtual instrument, Celtic Nylon Harp.

The new virtual instrument captures the sound of the three octave (C2-C5) Celtic Nylon Harp, a smallish wooden harp usually used for traditional Celtic music.

Here's what Cinematique Instruments has to say about the new virtual instrument:

Every second note of the 22 strings of the Celtic Nylon Harp was recorded in several velocity layers and 4 Round Robin variations. We recorded the harp in two different mic positions (firstly very close and secondly at the sound hole at the rear of the harp), giving us different sound variations. We expanded the range from C1-G5 by tuning the strings beyond the intended key. With the ModWheel you can control the length and decay of the strings giving you feeling of damping. Beyond that you have got the possiblity of using the harp in a glissando or an arpeggiator mode.

The Cinematique Instruments site has a range of audio demos.

Pricing and Availability

Available now for Kontakt 3 or higher for 17 EUR.

James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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