Studiologic Ship The Numa Nero Keyboard Controller

Keyboard makes claim for the most inspiring grand piano action ever offered in a digital controller      23/09/09

Studiologic Ship The Numa Nero Keyboard Controller

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Studiologic is shipping the new Numa Nero keyboard controller. Here's what they have to say about it...
Handmade in Italy and featuring Fatar's 88-note Grand Touch progressively graded grand hammer-action key bed, the Numa symbolizes style, grace, quality of materials, craftsmanship, and technological innovation.
The Numa Nero features the most inspiring grand piano action ever offered in a digital controller. The TP400 key mechanism is the last creation of Fatar founder and master instrument designer Lino Ragni, who passed away at the beginning of 2007. The action features taller white keys for a throw distance that exactly mimics a full concert grand. The double dipped, 'full-body' solid black keys (in contrast to the hollow black keys found on almost all other digital pianos) have a balance point and tactile surface that is a pleasure to play. The 88-note graded hammer action (heavier in the lower end of the keyboard to progressively lighter at the upper end) perfectly blends response and momentum, resulting in the finest action ever conceived in an electronic instrument. The Numa Nero is the ultimate player's controller.
Innovation permeates the Numa Nero, and its customizable velocity profiles and touch-sensitive control panel redefine control and flexibility. A brand new feature exclusive to the Numa Nero is the "YOU-PLAY" system, which allows unprecedented control of the velocity response of the keyboard. Real-time sensing of a user's actual playing dynamics allows for the most advanced, customizable velocity response system ever developed. Users can design and save over 20 personalized dynamic curve settings in addition to the preset curves installed at the factory. Black and white keys can be assigned separately for total control, and the organ option allows keys to trigger much earlier in the keypress, allowing for rapid organ style playing without the need to fully engage the hammer action.
Up to four keyboard zones can be created, all with independent velocity curves, MIDI, program, pedal, and control settings. Two pedal inputs and an illuminated side wheel are fully assignable to any type of control response.
The casing is comprised of a one-piece, semi-translucent ABS molded plastic with polished aluminum top. An aluminum back piece slides out to support another keyboard, sound module, or laptop, without the need for another stand.
Studiologic is distributed exclusively in the U.S. and Canada by American Music & Sound (AM&S).
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