Numark's Flagship Dual CD Player Ships

GB CDN88 MP3 Builds on Popular CDN88 With Effects, Scratch and now MP3      11/09/09

Numark's Flagship Dual CD Player Ships

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Numark have announced that CDN88 MP3, its most comprehensive rack-mount CD player, is now shipping to retailers. Chris Roman, product development manager for Numark, told us, "CDN88 MP3 is designed for the professional DJ who requires reliable performance in their CD player. With its solid Anti-Shockâ„¢, DSP effects, real-time scratching and high-quality build, CDN88 MP3 stands above other professional CD players."
Here's the rest of what Numark have to say...
CDN88 MP3 is the professional DJ's selection in high-performance CD players. This feature-packed, dual-deck unit not only plays traditional CDs and MP3 CDs, but it gives DJs capabilities not seen on many other rack-mount players. This update to Numark's well-known CDN88 adds MP3-playback capability, complete with text display, so DJs can carry more music on fewer discs.
DJs can scratch in real time using CDN88 MP3's dual jog wheels and create two different seamless loops, including smart looping with three hot-stutter starts on each deck for extensive creative capability. Twelve DSP effects with direct access including reverse enable DJs to truly perform in ways no other CD player permits. They can even layer multiple effects.
CDN88 MP3 contains Numark's unique Key Lock feature, similar to Master Tempo but with more flexibility, which enables DJs to speed up or slow down the music by up to 100-percent without changing the pitch. Numark's exclusive Beatkeeperâ„¢ aids in visual beat matching so the DJ can spend less time in headphones and more time creating the perfect party or event soundtrack. CDN88 MP3's Interlock function can even automatically beat match the two decks.
CDN88 MP3 has powerful pitch control with ±6, 12, 25 and 100-percent pitch ranges. It also can store thousands of cue points in its memory for instant access to the DJ's favorite points in their tracks.
From the company that introduced DJs to the first performance based Anti-Shockâ„¢ dual CD player, CDN88 MP3 contains a 48-second buffer so the DJ can play with confidence that the music will play skip free.
Built for years of reliable performance, CDN88 MP3 is housed in a rigid metal extrusion so it is ready for the rigors of gigging. To further extend its lifespan, it contains a laser-saving sleep mode.
CDN88 MP3 gives DJs high-speed access for quickly scrolling through their music. Its adjustable startup and braking speeds help DJs fine-tune their performance.
Pricing and Availability:
CDN88 MP3 is available from DJ and professional audio retailers. It has a U.S. Retail Price of $699.00 and an estimated street price of $499.95. More information:

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