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Android first, iPhone later      29/05/09

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You may have noticed that I'm personally quite enamoured with the music subscription service Spotify – where you get to listen to all the music you want, streaming to your computer, there's millions of tracks available, though some of my more obscure works (well actually most of them) are sadly absent. I really feel that this could be an answer to the music distribution conunndrum facing the industry, or at least, one solution. With Spotify, you can either opt for an Ad fueled experience, I don't find the ads particularly intrusive and certainly not enough to cough up £10 per month, but I'm hoping that will change if they can get the price down, I'm in. But, one major disadvantage has been the scarcity of device support with it limited to Mac and PC, but that looks set to change with this demo of a work in progress on the Google Android platform, and a rumoured iPhone app coming soon. I'm liking this and wonder if they will do it for Symbian (Nokia OS). Nick Batt

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