Loop Collection For Charity

Nine Volt Audio releases: Chroma Rex: in REX2, Stylus RMX, ACID, Apple Loop formats      16/12/08

Loop Collection For Charity

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Nine Volt Audio has released: Chroma Rex with al proceeds going to charity. Here's their press release...
Chroma Rex: Electronic Edition is a collection of 396 loops designed to allow musicians to trigger a variety of chromatic riffs from their favourite sampler or loop player to create melodies and tempo-synced chord progressions - all while staying locked to the groove of their track.
Using 33 different sounds from Nine Volt Audio's latest release Melodic REX: Electronic Edition, Chroma Rex provides 33 sets of loops based around octave and octave+fifth patterns, making every loop "chordally-ambiguos" and flexible enough to create leads or tonal backdrops. And as part of Nine Volt Audio's BPM Flex Series, every REX-based loop can be used at virtually any tempo without artificial stretching or unwanted audio-artifacts.
As an inspirational toolbox of sounds and riffs, Chroma Rex is a bargain at $9.99. And for owners of Melodic REX, the 396 loops is an indispensable new addition, making Melodic REX even more flexible than it already is.
It all goes to charity! Chroma REX is available until Dec 25th. Proceeds from all sales of Chroma Rex during this time will be donated to HomeSafe - The mission of HomeSafe is to work to end domestic violence by providing a safe place for survivors and their children, by helping survivors explore and develop alternatives to living in violent homes, and by working to change the systems and institutions that condone and support violence. HomeSafe is located in Tennessee.
  • Chroma Rex contains 396 REX2 files organized into 21 suites covering a tempo range of 80-133 BPM. Using the loops within Stylus RMX requires the user to drag-and-drop only one folder into RMX's included S.A.G.E. Converter.
  • Chroma Rex is also offered in ACIDized Wav and Apple Loop formats. Like all Nine Volt Audio releases, any/all formats can be downloaded upon purchase.
  • Chroma Rex features 13 combo suites that present an "A" and "B" loop group. Loops in combo suites play with and counter to one another creating multi-part musical passages and the ability to create fuller sounding mixes.
  • All loop file names identify the musical key and tempo.
Pricing and Availability:
Chroma Rex is available through December 25th for $9.99 via Download Delivery. More information and a video demo:

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