New Book On Vox Amp History

US VOX Amplifiers, The JMI Years is launched      15/12/08

New Book On Vox Amp History

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The publishers of a new independent retrospective book tell us that itdelivers the most complete look ever offered into the creation of the iconic Voxamplifier brand. Here's the details on VOX Amplifiers, The JMI Years from the press release:
VOX Amplification has been delivering its signature brand of pristine guitar tone to guitarists for over 50 years. Now, a definitive history has been written to bring the complete "creation story" of this heralded brand to life. VOX Amplifiers, The JMI Years chronicles the beginnings of VOX through modern times and was written by Jim Elyea, the foremost VOX expert in the world and owner of the VOX Museum in North Hollywood, California. In addition, a number of personnel from the VOX and Korg companies received special thanks for their help and participation in the book's creation. VOX Amplifiers, The JMI Years represents Volume 1 of a new, continuing series of VOX guidebooks.
At 682 pages, the book presents a definitive guide to VOX Amplifiers that was designed to change the state of the art of instrument books. Its flexible layout allows it to be used several ways -- readers can simply look at the photos (more than 1500 illustrations, including over 800 color photos of over 150 amps); it can be used as a reference book on specific features or amps; it includes a history of amplification and related items leading up to the VOX amplifier (Celestion speakers; vacuum tubes, etc); and there is even a dedicated chapter on the wooden cabinets that have housed a number of VOX amps over the years.
Author Jim Elyea wrote the book, a true labor of love, in an attempt to clear up much of the misinformation that had been disseminated about VOX over the years. He spent 12 years (and over 100,000 airline miles!) conducting research for the book, including eight trips to the UK. He interviewed over two dozen former VOX employees and musicians of the day, visited the building that once housed VOX Amplification at 119 Dartford Road in England and gained access to the attic, where he found many rare vintage schematics and diagrams. He also looked at an old factory site, traveled to many VOX-significant cities to conduct anecdotal interviews, including Bexley, London, Dartford, Liverpool, Manchester and Battle, and even held a "VOX employee reunion" during the course of his research.
Commenting on his inspiration for writing the book, Elyea says, "I had always been hooked on Beatles' music and quickly formed a fondness for VOX. In the 1960s, my mother owned an antique store, so I was always around old, historic things. I started to collect vintage gear in the '80s and bought a few VOX amps. Years later, I bought a book about VOX and found it didn't answer the questions I had in my head. I waited a few years, but was still unable to find another book that did. So, 12 years later, my research is complete and I've written that book myself."

VOX Amplifiers, The JMI Years is the definitive book on VOX amplifiers. Currently available, it is already being referred to as "The Bible" on VOX Amplifiers. With a foreword by Mike Campbell of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers, the 682 page book has over 1500 illustrations including over 800 newly-shot high resolution photographs, 230+ vintage photographs, 120 catalogue shots and 124 special charts and diagrams -- all mixed together with an abundance of other vintage materials. Price: $85 USD.
VOX Amplifiers, The JMI Years is also available in a signed and numbered special Deluxe Limited Edition, limited to 1000 copies. This edition also contains a separate book -- a Schematic Portfolio holding 70 large format facsimiles of all the classic and rare VOX schematics, each one painstakingly restored so that it is once again clear and readable. Additionally, a special booklet explaining all about VOX schematics comes in a folder inspired by the look of the vinyl briefcases used by VOX salesmen in the 1960s. All this is contained in a special slipcase designed to resemble a Fawn A.C.30 in its olive green Plastileather cover, complete with hangtag. Price: $150 USD.
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The book is now available for purchase. $85 and $150.
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