Five New Loopmasters Collections

Sounds for several genres      12/12/08

Five New Loopmasters Collections

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Loopmasters tell us that hey have five all-new collections – here they are in Loopmasters' own words...
Few DJs and producers can claim as much diversity as Nick Riley and Andi Durrant – hence naming this latest Loopmasters Artist Series sample pack Progressive House Producer! Here their house influences range from tech to minimal, deep to electro, progressive to trance, and more – perfect for anyone making progressive house music influenced by today's cutting-edge DJs.
Content: Over 300 WAV sounds, 130 Rex2/Apple Loops, and 46 ready-to-play patches for popular soft samplers, plus 14 club-ready house loops, 83 bangin' drum loops, 33 filtered synth loops, 20 bass hits, 20 synth hits, 59 dance effects, and 80 single drum sounds for programming custom loops.
Tech Specs: 330MB download (Apple Loops, Reason ReFill, or Ableton Live Pack), with patches available in WAV, Rex2, ACID, Reason ReFill, Live Pack, Apple Loops, HALion, EXS24, SFZ, Stylus RMX, and NNXT formats.
Price and availability: From £19.95 to £24.95 (depending on format)
Feeling frustrated by new producers constantly raising the bar when it comes to production techniques and engineering skills? Then this new Loopmasters Artist Series collection from the ever-inventive musical minds of Drumsound and Bassline Smith could be the answer to your production prayers, providing tools and inspiration to take productions to that elusive level when writing the next drum 'n' bass classic!
Content: 385-plus samples and 150 loops, arranged as 18 bassline loops, 63 drum breaks, 10 pad loops, 18 phantasm loops, 96 bass sounds, eight drones, 32 drum hits, 52 SFX samples, 27 hard leads, and 17 pad sounds, plus more than 130 ready-to-play patches for NNXT-, HALion-, KONTAKT-, SFZ-, and EXS24-compatible soft samplers.
Tech Specs: Available in multiple formats, including Reason ReFill, Apple Loops, ACID'ised WAV, and Rex2.
Price and availability: From £34.95 to £39.95 (depending on format)
Coldcut's Matt Black and John More need no introduction... responsible for some of the digital generation's finest musical moments as one of the first acts to successfully fuse samples and loops to forge a distinctive hip hop and dance identity. Join them here as they prize open the coveted Coldcut sample vault, "Located deep within a secure facility at Ninja hindquarters, and sourced from over twenty years of electronic music creation, this library contains only the strongest survivors of sound... for your delectation and musical pleasure!"
Content: 620MB of royalty-free samples, including weighty kicks, snappy snares, happy claps, slurpy hats, credit-crunching crashes, snicky-snacky percussion, plus several rolls of tom toms, combined with a tightly-honed group of loops, obscure vintage synth-generated electronic parps, burbles, and stabs, mixed with a dash of scratchy stuff, and rounded out with deep bass lines. No cheese required!
Tech Specs: 37 bass loops, 166 drum loops, 111 musical loops, 41 vocal/FX loops, eight bass multi-samples, 126 drum hits, 21 FX, and 11 instrument multi-samples.
Price and availability: From £34.95 to £39.95 (depending on format)
Horseman's hard-hitting beats have backed the best reggae artists around; here he delivers the second in a series of remastered sessions, comprising two full drum tracks with additional percussion (kete drum, tambourine, and timbale rolls) performed by Norman Grant (Twinkle Brothers) and Tuca Rainbow, all recorded through vintage Neve consoles using authentic valve equipment.
Content: Multitrack version (aimed at Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase, and Digidesign Pro Tools users) includes separate kick, snare, hi-hat, toms, overheads, percussion, and effects channels with tempo-mapped Pro Tools LE, Logic 6, and Cubase SE session files for unprecedented mix and EQ control; Loop Pack version (aimed at Propellerhead Reason, Cakewalk SONAR, Ableton Live, and soft sampler users) includes 20 loops from each drum track in WAV, Rex2, and Apple Loops formats, together with 54 one-shot drum samples for custom beat programming.
Tech Specs: 265MB collection (Loop Pack version) featuring 72 and 77 bpm Apple Loops, ACID'ised WAV loops, Rex2 loops, and single drum hits; 920MB collection (Multitrack version) of 72 and 77 bpm tempo-mapped drum tracks, plus 40 ACID'ised WAV loops.
Price and availability: £12.95 to £17.95 (depending on format)
IL.EK.TRO SILICON (Infrasonik)
Perfect for electro, techno, tech house, progressive, deep house, glitch, minimal, and IDM, this razor-sharp sample pack for Ableton Live 7 created by prodigious producer/remixer Carl Finlow (a.k.a. Random Factor and Silicon Scally) is all about driving crunchy electro and techno beats, sliced and diced into modular and flexible drum racks.
Content: 35 performance and bass machines featuring effects chains designed for live performance and endless tweaking – perfect for studio or stage usage (with a limiting module at the end of each chain to prevent the final output from clipping in a live performance or DJ setting).
Tech Specs: 25 (drum loop) and 10 (bass loop) performance machines with associated racks and effects chains; 297 live clips, compiled as 58 keys/FX, 30 keys/loops, 131 drum loops, 20 drum elements, 29 one-shot basses, and 29 bass loops.
Price and availability: £29.95
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