Sonic LAB: Genelec 6010A and 5040A Desktop Moniors

US The top of the range for the discerning listener      05/12/08

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I'll be up front about it, I really like Genelec speakers as a rule, so I jumped at the choice to get my hands on the dinkiest active desktop and sub system that they currently make. The 6010A and 5040A combination allows you to setup anything from a 1.1 (mono and sub) to a 5.1 system using the little 6010A satellites and the 5040A sub unit. Ideally suited to the computer system or home theater/small 5.1 studio setup they are the smallest system Genelec make. The Little Guys The 6010A is a 24-watt active bi-amped system with 3" bass driver (12W) and 3/4 inch tweeter (12W). It has a single phono input, power connector and swtich, volume pot plus four dip-switches to setup the EQ and bass energy. Science
The 6010A also features Genelec's custom MDE (Minimum Defraction Enclosure) or curvy cabinet design, DCW (Directivity Control Waveguide) or curvy tweeter mounting, and the Iso Pod - or rubbery speaker stand that keeps the unit acoustically decoupled and allows you to angle it just so. Brains in the Bass
Where the real brains lie are with the 5040A sub unit which takes 5.1 input on phonos - for connection to a surround preamp or soundcard and a stereo 1/8th inch jack input for connection to your laptop etc. All the crossover and distribution is handled by the 5040A - where you also have control over the energy, EQ curve and phase of the 6.5 inch 40 watt bass driver, providing energy from 35-85Hz. This is handy as many cheaper sub units can sound like the bass is late, adjusting the phase allows you to compensate and get it right for your room. There is one brilliatn accessory that comes with the 5040A and that's the dedicated custom desktop mounting volume control, plug it into to the control input and you have a stylish weighty volume knob to control the entire system - lovely. I'm in love with this system - it looks great, sounds great and allows me to twiddle the knob with abandon. But, it's not cheap, the Genelec sound comes at a cost and this cost is around $1325 for the 2.1 system reviewed. You could buy an entire M-Audio 5.1 BX5a Deluxe and BX10s sub system for slightly less and that is six speakers. But they dont look anywhere near as cool nor sound as good. I'd love to be able to justify the expense of these speakers, and I'm sure ssome of you will, if you do you wont be disappointed, but for us mortals, I suspect it's out of our price range. Nick Batt 6010A - £169 each, €205, $330
5040A - £339, €416, $675
Available now in white, black or silver.
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