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US Total Workstation 2 and Total Studio 2 announced      16/09/08

New IK Multimedia Bundles

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After the recent release of the new Total Guitar and Bass Gear Bundle, IK Multimedia have announced the sequels to the popular Total Bundle series: Total Workstation 2 and Total Studio 2 bundles. Here’s their press release…
Total Workstation 2 bundle offers the entire collection of all 5 of IK’s highly acclaimed virtual instrument and workstation plug-ins in one box (SampleTank® 2.5 XL, Miroslav Philharmonik™, Sonik Synth™ 2, SampleMoog™ and SampleTron™) for a staggering 14,000 sounds and 28 GB of samples available in one convenient package, and at one incredible price of up to 72% off regular list prices.
Total Studio 2 bundle is the most complete solution for any DAW available on the market today, with a collection of 12 award-winning plug-ins, including the 5 virtual instruments of the Total Workstation 2 bundle, plus 7 essential effects plug-in suites (AmpliTube® 2, Ampeg® SVX, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™, AmpliTube Metal, AmpliTube X-GEAR, T-RackS® and Classik Studio Reverb™) covering every guitar, bass, mixing and mastering need with over 160 accurately modeled effects in one all-inclusive package, and offered at one amazing price of up to 80% off regular list prices.
In addition, as exclusive bonus content never released before, the Total Workstation 2 and Total Studio 2 bundles include exclusively made Artist Signature Presets by renowned players and producers from all genres: Dark Child- Rodney Jerkins, Ken Lewis, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Bernie Worrell, Wolfgang Gartner, Scratch-D of Dynamix II, DJ George Acosta, Carmen Rizzo, LVM of the Nasty Beat Makers, MTV’s Jamie Laboz, Happy Perez, Lenny Dee and many more to come as additional free downloads.
IK’s Total Workstation 2 and Total Studio 2 bundles provide the perfect and most affordable solutions for composing, recording, mixing, and mastering every style of music, from orchestral film and TV scores to hip-hop, R’n’B, pop, rock, electronic music and more. From the high-end studio to the bedroom studio and everything in between, these bundles offer a total collection of instruments and effects to help you produce your next big hit.
Total Workstation 2 Bundle
The widest range of virtual instrument plug-ins with 5 included workstations, 28 GB of samples and over 14,000 sounds covering every instrument and style, from orchestral, to rock, hip-hop, electronic music and more. Including:
  • SampleTank® 2.5 XL Sample workstation with every type of instrument. Over 2,000 sounds, 6.5 GB of samples, and superior multi-effects. Opens all the IK modules' sounds into a unique super-instrument.
  • Miroslav Philharmonikâ„¢ Orchestral and choir workstation with a complete orchestral sound set and articulations. Over 4,200 sounds and 7GB of samples.
  • Sonik Synthâ„¢ 2 Synth workstation with the widest range of synth elements, layered sounds and waveforms. Over 5,800 sounds and 8 GB of samples.
  • SampleMoogâ„¢ The official Moogâ„¢ synth anthology with 16 multi-sampled synths covering the entire Moogâ„¢ history. Over 1,900 sounds and 4 GB of samples
  • SampleTronâ„¢ The most complete collection of "Tron" sounds ever assembled into one product. 17 hard to find instruments, 350 inspirational sounds, 2 GB of samples.
Total Studio 2 Bundle
Includes the 5 virtual instruments of the Total Workstation 2 bundle, plus 7 essential effect plug-in suites with 160 accurately modeled effects; a truly complete collection of 12 award-winning plug-ins that have every composing, mixing and mastering need covered at a price that cannot be beat. Including:
  • 5 virtual instruments and workstations: SampleTank® 2.5 XL, Miroslav Philharmonikâ„¢, Sonik Synthâ„¢ 2, SampleMoogâ„¢, and SampleTronâ„¢
  • AmpliTube® 2 The industry-standard guitar amp & FX plug-in with 14 classic amps; including separate Preamps, EQs and Power amps, 16 cabinets, 6 mics, 21 stomps and 11 rack effect models.
  • Ampeg® SVXâ„¢ The first dedicated bass amp & FX plug-in featuring the official signature Ampeg® sound. 24 bass amp combinations, 6 mics and 8 dedicated bass stomps.
  • AmpliTube® Jimi Hendrixâ„¢ The vintage amp & FX plug-in with the official recreation of Jimi’s rig. 4 rare vintage amps, 7 cabinets, 5 mics and 9 collector stomps.
  • AmpliTube® Metal The metal distortion powerhouse amp & FX plug-in with 5 high-gain amps, 13 cabinets, 6 mics and 14 highly acclaimed stomp models.
  • AmpliTube X-GEARâ„¢ Expandable guitar and bass amp & FX plug-in that opens all 150 “Powered by AmpliTubeâ€� gear models into a unique, true mega-rig, that can be controlled live by the STompIOâ„¢.
  • T-RackS® The classic, analog-modeled mastering suite with mastering EQ, compressor, multi-band limiter and soft-clipping plug-ins.
  • CSR Classik Studio Reverbâ„¢ A suite of 4 high-end studio quality reverbs modeled after popular outboard classics with Hall, Plate, Room, and Inverse plug-ins.
Pricing and Availability:
The new Total Workstation 2 bundle has a price of $699.99/€539.99 or $599.99/€449.99 for the crossgrade version. The total value of all included instrument plug-ins is over $2,100/€1,600, offering a savings of up to 72% over their regular combined prices. The Total Workstation 2 bundle is already available for shipping from all IK dealers and distributors worldwide or in the IK online store. Additionally, the Total Workstation 2 bundle is available as a part of the new Total Workstation Rack, the ultimate hardware sound module from IK Multimedia and Muse Research, powered by Receptor, for only $1,999.99/€1,599.99 (full version), and $1,699.99/€1,399.99 (crossgrade). The new Total Studio 2 bundle has a price of $1,099.99/€839.99 or $899.99/€689.99 for the crossgrade version. The total value of all included plug-ins is over $4,400/€3,300, for a savings of up to 80% over their regular combined prices. The Total Studio 2 bundle will be available for shipping at the beginning of October 2008.
All registered IK customers of ANY IK product version (full, upgrade or lite versions) are eligible to purchase the bundle packages at the reduced crossgrade prices.
For a limited time, users of the previous versions of either the Total Workstation Bundle or the Total Studio Bundle that have registered their product prior to this announcement, will also be able to upgrade to the new version 2 of their specific bundle product in the IK online store, for only $199.99/€149.99 for the Total Workstation 2 bundle and $299.99/€229.99 for the Total Studio 2 bundle. Users registering previous versions after the date of this announcement will be able to receive the new included plug-ins for free as a download from the IK User Area. The offer to receive the additional plug-ins free may not be combined with any other special dealer discount offers.
All the prices listed are excluding taxes.
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