WNAMM08: Monster 270 Gigabyte Virtual Piano

EastWest debut Quantum Leap Pianos      28/01/08

WNAMM08: Monster 270 Gigabyte Virtual Piano

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EastWest/Quantum Leap debuted their new gigantic virtual piano, which was three years in the making. The pianist that recorded the samples to this library, John Sawoski, is someone I work with here in LA, so I’ve been hearing about this library for quite some time now. As one might expect from a piano lib featuring 270 gigs of samples, it took quite a while to get this product to market. However, the attention to detail has clearly paid off, as the piano feels very natural to play, and the velocity switching is ultra smooth. The realism extends all the way to the very highest and lowest notes on the keyboard, something evident even on the noisy NAMM showroom floor.
The 270 gigs of samples were recorded at the former Cello Studio (now EastWest Studio) at a sample rate of 24-bit/44.1k. Interestingly, the user can select from three microphone positions. At the booth was a photo of the recording session, and one mic pair was close up under the lid, another a little further back in a mid distance type of position, and the third pair was the typical room mic position away from the piano.
The library features 10 to 16 velocity layers per note, as well as 16 distinct staccato velocities. The same amount of velocity layers are represented for soft pedal, sustain pedal, and soft sustain. The attention to detail is evident when playing this virtual piano.
Another feature is their approach to fast repetitions. EastWest recorded fast repetitions at 180 BPM, and the software detects true repetitions when the performer plays them. These special repetition samples are then called up.
Four pianos are featured in this library, a Bechstein D-280 Concert Grand, Steinway D Concert Grand, Bösendorfer 290 Concert Grand, and the ubiquitous Yamaha C7.
EastWest was taking preorders, and according to them it should be released in a couple weeks.
NAMM news report by Albert Potts
Pricing and Availability:
The MSRP is $495 USD. More information:

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