Build Your Own Mic Pres

Save money with Sound Skulptor kit versions of classic designs      14/11/07

Build Your Own Mic Pres

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Sound Skulptor professional audio have preamps in kit form based on classic designs.
A spokesperson told us, “Our goal at Sound Skulptor is to offer products that are based on great designs from the past. Their form is modern though : compact design, easy construction, new functionalities like DI inputs, clip Led's, relay switching, ... Our products are slowly crafted, with extreme care and many listening sessions in real conditions in our recording studio.�
The products are in kit form, to minimize cost as far as possible but are also available fully assembled and tested if you have not got the confidence to undertake construction yourself.
Sound Skulptor say that anybody that is capable of doing a clean solder joint, carefully following the step by step Construction Guides and using a digital multimeter should be able to successfully build these kits.
Every effort has been made during design to make the building process easy. The complex hook-up wiring has been completely avoided by the use of PCB components (potentiometers, switches, transformers ...) and flat cable connections.
Here’s the details of three preamps in Sound Skulptor’s own words:
The MP73 is a three stages, single ended class A preamp based on the world famous vintage British consoles of the 70's.
The sound of the MP73, like its model is full, silky, detailed and musical, slightly larger than life, very complimentary to a digital recording environment.
The MP73 is great on vocals, acoustic instruments and generally all close miked sources that need to be pushed forward in the mix.
The MP12 is based on one discrete Op-Amp, one input transformer and one output transformer.
When built with Cinemag transformers, it delivers what is called the “LA� sound, popularised by the famous American consoles of the 70's : the punchy midrange and tight bass tone of the iron. This MP12 is great on drums, electric instruments and generally all close miked sources.
The MP32 is a class A, discrete differential input, transformer output preamp.
The transformerless input gives this preamp an extremely fast transient response while the transformer output adds a touch of "iron" warmth.
The result is an extraordinary crystal clear but warm sound, without the "clinical" sounding of some transformerless designs.
The MP32 is great on all transient rich sources like acoustic and percussive instruments, and in all distant miking applications.
Pricing and Availability:
Price: 319.00 € (381.52 € inc. VAT) each.
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